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Founded by Suzanne Droese and colleagues in 2007, the Dallas-based publicity powerhouse known as Droese PR has grown to offer comprehensive public relations, consulting and strategic planning for a variety of luxury lifestyle clients.

The Bespoke Communication Awards recognized Droese for their work on the multi-brand store Forty Five Ten. Company owners sought to gain national relevance, while staying true to their Texas roots and promoting the launch of a new flagship store in downtown Dallas. DPR’s program involved an inventive A-list event and media outreach that garnered increased national press coverage, including features in key luxury and fashion media outlets including: Business of Fashion, W, Wallpaper, InStyle, Elle, MR, GQ, Town & Country, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue and WWD. The store launch involved a three-day series of grand opening events, which brought in customers, designers, press, and the community. While the store had existing strong relationships with numerous designers, many had never visited the Dallas area. Guests included Anne Hathaway, Viktor & Rolf, Kelly Wearstler, Eddie Borgo, Cindy Crawford and Hamish Bowles, to to name a few. Additionally, DPR developed and introduced a Forty Five Ten-branded book, The Eccentrics, in partnership with Assouline, to launch the new store as well as to publicly align the brand with some of its notable relationships. The book sold well in Dallas and nationally creating further and ongoing interest in the brand.

We caught up with Suzanne herself to learn more about DPR’s approach and future plans.

How does it feel to win Launch/Relaunch Campaign? How is your team going to celebrate?

It was so exciting to win the award for a campaign we worked so hard on, over the course of the year.  We put everything we had into making the relaunch really special and successful.  We celebrated our award the same way we celebrate all milestone moments at Droese Public Relations – with champagne, of course.

What is your team most excited about right now?

Public Relation strategies have changed in the past few years. Our goals have changed. We have to look at client’s objectives through a different lens; public relations requires a 360 degree approach from all angles – print, digital, influencer relationships and interactive consumer facing experiences. Retail is a different, more challenging game and we have to tackle our goals accordingly.

Our team is excited about the ever-changing consumer facing experiences and how we motivate people to shop. Consumers are spending their money differently. We look to develop active campaigns that grab the attention of consumers, and provide a enjoyable, creative experience.  It’s all about the experience.

How do you ensure proper planning and preparation before, during and after a launch/relaunch? What stage do you feel is the most challenging?

Our office motto is “one team, one goal.” We all expect perfection in every step of the process when it comes to events and activations. We plan for the unexpected and I have taught my team to think on their toes. An event checklist becomes our best friend!  We try to earmark goals starting 8-12 months out. Then we move down to the day, then hours, before the event.  On the day-of an event, it’s minute by minute. Attention to detail makes an event go off with a hitch!

Retail is a different, more challenging game and we have to tackle our goals accordingly.

I find the situations that are unexpected can be challenging, but always provide a learning experience alongside the issue. Teaching the team to trust their gut matters.

What are three tips that you’d give to PR pros to help them be as prepared as possible for their next launch?

Details, details, details and creativity. There are no bad ideas! Think outside the box. Challenge yourselves to expect the unexpected and plan accordingly. Pay your vendors and treat them with respect. Relationships can make or break you!

If we looked inside your purse/work bag right now, what PR survival must-haves would we find?

My laptop and my phone – and chargers for both of them – are always a must, along with lip gloss.  For event days,  it’s a full-blown event kit (scissors, tape, clipboard, pens), and a beauty kit with breath mints,  hair spray and just about anything else imaginable!

What is your team focusing on most during the rest of 2017?

We are focused on ending the year strong. Holiday gift guide has become a huge revenue driver for our clients. We start pitching holiday in July and we don’t stop until December 23rd.

What is a trend you’re following?

I hope we will continue to see the uptick of the #GirlPower movement.  It’s so nice to see women supporting and cheering on each other.  Experiential marketing and the use of micro-influencers will continue to grow. And, I think overall, we will continue to see clients and consumers expect transparency – they are too smart not to want to know the inner workings and details.  While some agencies and practitioners might feel threatened by this, we shouldn’t.  We should take it as opportunity to educate them on what we do.  PR, if done right, is never as easy as it looks!

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Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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