It’s time to stop feeling like your business backend is a hot mess and become the Director of Operations you so desperately need

Learn the Simple Steps to Organize and Automate the Backend of Your Business Like a Pro

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Friday, October 30, 12pm PT/3pm ET

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Hey there busy, overworked, exhausted, juggling all the things, tied to her inbox all day communications Pro

Does this sound about right?

😬 You’re juggling multiple different clients and priorities and are worried if you take on more work, things are going to start slipping through the cracks.

😬 Much of your day is spent on tasks you know could be delegated, but you don’t have the bandwidth (or funds) to even think about hiring, so you’re stuck doing it all on your own. 

😬 From inventing a new process for each new client, to manually sending contracts +  follow up emails, chasing invoices and digging for shit in your inbox (where it that ONE file??) – you know there has GOT to be a better way to work. 


Want some relief?

Here it is: start considering yourself as both the CEO and COO of your business, and show up for both roles.

What’s the difference between a COO & CEO

A COO makes a CEO’s visions a reality by creating realistic deadlines, setting up streamlined systems, and making sure everyone is working smarter, not harder.

🧠 CEO: In charge of big picture mission & goals.
🗓️ COO: In charge of systems, operations & execution.

The CEO says where we’re going.

The COO Keep the Ship on Course

In this 60-min workshop you'll learn

Sign up for Be Your Own COO Training for just $27 

Friday, October 30, 12pm PT/3pm ET

Learn exactly how to be your own COO and set up smart, scalable systems that work for you and your business.

Your seat includes access to the live training and recording.

Meet your instructor

Ashley Hogrebe

Ashley Hogrebe, Systems & Operations Expert

Ashley Hogrebe (she/her) is the founder of Do The Damn Thing and the creator of the online course, Be Your Own COO.

Ashley has a decade of event production, operations and logistics under her belt and loves all things productivity, software and systems. She helps online business owners channel their inner COO to create streamlined systems that support the worldchanging work they’ve set out out to accomplish.

Friday August 30, 12pm PT/3pm ET

Your seat includes a spot at the live workshop and access to the recorded training.

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