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Access our career-making, business-building collection of as-you-need it workshops, courses and time-saving templates.

Portal resources are worth more than $6k a la carte,


but are yours for $497 – yes really.

I'm on track to reach multiple six-figures in revenue my first year in business. For every challenge I've faced, PR Couture has come to the rescue with the tools, resources and coaching I need to feel confident as a solo consultant.

Julie Richter

Hey there PR-Preneur! the part where you get to be stupendously picky about who and what you say yes to, because your calendar is booked, income is increasing and you're fired up about your current clients and the business you're building.

This Portal will guide you to develop the business only YOU can run as you:

You'll find more than 60 classes, course lessons, workbooks + templates

The PR-Preneur Portal 💫

be your own c-suite

You're the boss! Decide what to work on and when. Portal resources are organized around 4 primary areas of business ownership - each with their own mix of magic (and playlist!)

60 resources at your fingertips

The CEO Suite

Vision + Leadership

The CFO Suite

Revenue + Pricing

The CMO Suite

Marketing + Sales

The Coo Suite

Operations + Organization

Crosby has done it again! The Portal sets a new standard for self-guided PR and marketing education and delivers immense value to veteran and novice PR-Preneuers alike. The wealth of information provided -- expert interviews and workshops, plus dozens upon dozens of worksheets, templates, and workbooks is unmatched -- and the affordability is incredible.

Alex Perry

want to know *exactly* what you're getting? of course you do!


  • How + Why to be an Empathetic Leader Masterclass
  • Quarterly Planning Retreat + Workbook
  • Active Listening is your Leadership Superpower *Audio
  • Burnout Begone! Put the meaning + magic back in what you do
  • Annual Reflection: Starts, Stops, Keeps Review
  • Establish Your Unique Client Framework
  • Develop a Signature Offer you love to Sell
  • More Value, Less Work: How to Position Yourself as a PR Coach
  • Build Your Brandifesto – a Content Creation Tool
  • A Plan to Put Yourself out there aka Self-Promotion
  • Create your Personal Brand or Company Prism Model
  • Branding Over Brunch Workshop
  • Create a Client Attracting LinkedIn Profile in 24 Hours
  • Reel Them In: Instant Thought Leadership + Client Leads with Social Video
  • How to use Op-eds to Build Authority for You + Your Clients
  • Lead Yourself Forward with the Self-Coaching
  • Modern Reputation Management: A New Framework for Personality-driven Brands​


  • Better Bio Qs
  • Employee interview questions
  • I’m a Badass CEO tracker
  • Annual reflection review


  • 3 Keys to Become a Cash Confident CEO
  • How to Land + Deliver Five-Figure PR Retainers
  • Best Practices for Selling PR Services
  • PR Consulting: How to Price/Set Your Rates
  • Better Together: A Guide to Agency Partnerships


  • PResent Social – How to package, price + sell social media retainers (3 Lessons)


  • Create Your Business Revenue Plan (Google Sheets)
  • Outsourcing: How Much is My Time Worth? (Google Sheets)
  • The PR Couture Discovery Call Mastery Guide (PDF)
  • Create my Sales Script + Sample Questions (Google Doc)
  • Create my Discovery Call Prep Ritual (Google Doc)
  • Track Your Money – A Daily Practice (Google Sheets)


  • Plan Your Annual Marketing Efforts Training
  • Curious to Committed: Use This Content Framework for Copy that Converts Training
  • TikTok Basics for PR-Preneurs
  • Uplevel Your Powers of Persuasive Writing + Communication
  • Quickly Boost Your Charisma for Stronger Connections *Audio
  • The $100k in New Business Cold Outreach Strategy + Sample Email
  • [Lead Gen] Grow Your Business with Social Ads
  • ImPRove your mindset around sales + approach to sales calls


  • Connect to your Ideal Client 
  • Create Your Anti-Client Avatar 
  • 90-Day Marketing Campaign 
  • Sales Page Template 
  • Lead Magnet Creation Template 
  • Understanding my Offer Stack + Client Journey
  • PR-Preneur Canva Instagram Templates


  • Be Your Own Chief Operation Officer + Create Your Company Hub Masterclass
  • Personality-Based Time Management Tips Masterclass
  • Track Your Time Challenge: Improve productivity + profitability


Contracts, etc.:

  • Independent Contractor Agreement Sample
  • Consulting Contract + SOW Sample
  • Sponsorship Contract Sample
  • Paid Influencer Contract Sample
  • Pull Letter/Letter of Responsibility Template


Pitch Templates:

  • Let’s work together: A general invitation to use to begin a new relationship with an Influencer
  • Great, let’s get started: Once an influencer is on board, detail out the specifics of the collaboration and next steps
  • Event Attendance: This script makes it easy to get influencer RSVPs for your brand event
  • Checking in: A polite follow-up/nudge nudge for outstanding deliverables or pending work
  • Update request: A post-engagement thank you with room to make any requested tweaks or changes
  • Charmed, I’m sure: A no stress missive for first-time outreach that will totally wow your soon-to-be editor BFF
  • So I’m throwing an event… A fill-in-the-blank for connecting with sponsors for money, donated product or in-kind support
  • Stage left: It’s time to spread that message and book a gig as a professional speaker or panelist for that cool new conference
  • Link in bio: Exactly what to say when reaching out to contribute an article to your dream website
  • #Sponsored: Spell out your influencer collaboration idea so that it’s a full body yes

Client Work:

  • Strategic PR Planning Guide
  • Annual PR Program Plan of Action Spreadsheet
  • Media Training Checklist
  • Monthly Activity Report
  • Media Outreach Tracker Spreadsheet
  • Campaign Brief
  • Client Testimonial Request

Unlock $6,000 in PR Biz BUilding resources for $497 - Pitch, Please!

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You may select lifetime access only for $497 or add 21-days of private message coaching for an additional $500 (reg. $1500). Payment plans are available on an as-needed basis  – please reach out to crosby[at] to discuss. Due to the digital nature of these products, there are no refunds.

These exact resources helped me scale to consistent 5-figure months - in just a few months, far outpacing my former agency salary. More importantly, I've stepped into true business ownership and no longer consider myself -- position or price myself -- as a freelance publicist. 

alex krueger

Hang on friend!
Let's make this a Portal Party!*

VIP coaching upgrade available

Get personalized biz/career advice and guidance

Look 👀 – sometimes you don’t need the expensive business coaching package – you just need someone you can reach out with whatever is on your mind, when you think of it – and get direct feedback and advice quickly.

The Portal Party Package is a magic-inducing add-on that grants you a full 21 days of custom support (via the app Voxer) with me as you integrate and implement the Portal resources into daily life.

Think of it like having me as your back pocket business partner with whom you can text, send audio messages or video recordings whenever it’s convenient. I’ll reply when it’s convenient for me as well – within 24 regular business hours, often sooner!

In 2021, I offered a single day of Voxer-based coaching for $555 – for the Portal you get 21 days (January 7-25) for $500

Happy Voxer Clients are saying:

*I won’t be offering any new PR Couture programs in 2022, so outside of private coaching this is the only way to get my eyes on your business next year.

We refined our brand, our purpose, and as a result empowered ourselves to serve the kind of clients we really want. Crosby - you are to PR professionals what Oprah’s life coach is, well, to Oprah.”

suset laboy

Hello! My name is Crosby and I'm a PR-Preneur

(Hi, Crosby).

In any given day, I play a multitude of roles and wear many hats.

I bet you do too.

The good news: It is is more possible than ever to run a successful PR-based business on your terms; to surpass a corporate salary, to set your own schedule (and rates!) and do excellent, satisfying work that lights you up consistently.

But, there’s a learning curve. You’re going to need a few more hats.

As the founder of PR Couture, a business coach for PR professionals, university educator, brand consultant and mom, no one understands what is required to carve out a career path for yourself that is multi-dimensional, impactful and profitable in the Communications sector quite like I do.

Lucky for you, I’ve taken the best of what PR Couture has to offer and waved my magic wand to create the PR-Preneur Portal.

I have a new level of clarity on what types of clients I want to attract and how, and it's working -- like an opportunity to speak at a client's upcoming executive conference. These resources will guide you to build your practice in a truly authentic and sustainable way, and if you're feeling stuck or uninspired, you'll quickly be able to inject new life, ideas and energy into your business.

Bridget Burnham

Grab $6,000 in resources for $497

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Last Chance!

Questions? Let's get you answers!

The Portal was designed primarily for PR consultants, freelance publicists and those actively growing boutique agencies. That said, any entrepreneurially-minded PR pro, or second-in-command will benefit from the Portal contents. We encourage you to read through the Portal contents to know exactly what you are getting and to determine which resources are going to be most useful. Once caveat – the cliche “new levels, new devils” definitely applies to entrepreneurship. What might feel important now might not be true in another 6 months – consider the Portal as a resource that will meet you as you grow.

Portal resources have been pulled from previous PR Couture courses and programs including our membership, mastermind, PR accelerator, PResence, PResent Social courses as well as standalone trainings. Video trainings in particular feature a mix of outside experts as well as ones facilitated by Crosby.

While we have done our best to organize and separate content, you may find some repetition or documents that seem to be iterations of previous documents, as our courses and content evolved for different audiences and needs. We have priced the Portal with this in mind.

These programs will no longer be available in 2022 as Crosby takes some much-needed + well-deserved time off. Currently, the Portal is the only PR Couture offering planned. Crosby will be taking on a small number of private coaching clients, and the site and social presence will operate at a reduced capacity through June, 2022. 

In a word, no. While Portal contents are reflective of — and organized around — the most critical pieces of running a healthy, succesful business – this is in no way a comprehensive end all be all to everything you need to know. Think of the Portal as a valuable supplement to your business, there when you need it to provide context, direction and save you time.

The Postal is hosted on PR Couture on our LMS (course platform). You will create a login and password at checkout which will allow you to easily login and access your Portal dashboard. If you have any access issues or discover a broken link, please email – do NOT use the chat – it’s easier for us to provide customer serivice via email.

Due to the digital nature of the Portal content, we don’t offer any refunds. If you are looking for something in particular and don’t see it – please email with ” Resource Request” in the subject line. If we have anything in our archives that is a fit we are happy to add it to the Portal.

Yes! Once the Portal has been purchased, FWD the order confirmation to hello[at] with the name and email of the person you’d like to receive access. We can even whip up a little printable and/or delay any notifications until your specified day if you’d like!