Brand and Media as Storyteller: Evolving Digital Landscapes Presentation by Raman Kia, Condé Nast


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The relationship is changing between media companies and brand partners…and that changing relationship is one we have to participate in. – Raman Kia, Executive Director of Digital Marketing, Condé Nast

One of my favorite presentations this year occurred during this years’ Innovation Summit,  a one-day conference for journalists, publishers, executives and entertainment, fashion and lifestyle marketing professionals to learn about the latest trends in technology and digital innovation. In it, Raman Kia discusses evolving digital landscapes within media and publishing, articulating a clear picture of how new technologies, content marketing strategies and brand journalism are essentially creating a new paradigm wherein advertising opportunities are seamlessly integrated into our increasingly mobile lives. Taking examples from Burberry and Lucky Magazine, the result is an absolute must-watch.

Let’s forget this concept of social media and let’s focus instead on content distribution systems that are powered by the interest graph…not every platform out there is about socializing…it’s an intention to consume type of marketing. – Raman Kia

From a PR perspective, many of the new strategies Raman outlines appear to potentially blur the line between earned and owned media. When I asked him about this, Raman asserted his belief in the importance of a clear divide between editorial content and advertising. However, I wonder what the implications will be for smaller brands with start-up budgets who typically rely heavily on PR to support brand awareness and growth. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and blogs offer incredible potential for building a brand story – but can they compete against the influence and power of a Condé Nast? As new paid opportunities arise to shorten the sales funnel between magazine content and purchase, how must public relations practitioners evolve to effectively build strategies that make use of these new opportunities while still staying true to traditional media relations?

Regardless, it’s a fascinating exploration of the industry’s renewed focus on storytelling and emerging opportunities for brands to grow their presence on the web. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Watch all the 2012 Innovation Summit videos on the conference’s Tumblr.

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