It's so easy to forget my dear, but you don't actually have to figure out all the things, all by yourself.

In fact, you aren’t supposed to. If there was one thing I wish I could do differently, it would be asking for help, sooner. I didn’t know business coaching was a thing, and certainly didn’t know that pretty much all high-achieving, high-performing humans rely on coaches and consultants for all sorts of support and to facilitate accelerated growth. 

Here’s what I now know: building a business is tough, soul-level work. Just when you think you’ve climbed the mountain, you realize your smack dab in the middle of an entire mountain range of next steps and future climbs. Here’s what else I know: the sooner you are willing to allow yourself to invite others along in your journey, the easier and more enjoyable the adventure becomes.  

Through my Haute Shots coaching program, I’ll help you to clarify goals, bust through mental blocks and move from ideation to implementation. From brand essence to business models, I’ve got you.

Hey, I'm Crosby...

Here to help you handle it.

You’re trying to build something, make something, grow something, or make a decision about something.

And it’s all “should I, could I,” from excitement to overwhelm and back again, to the point where you can feel your brain begging you for a break.

This circular thinking happens to all smart people trying to be courageous in the world.  Problem is, swirly thinking has a sneaky way of slowing us down, of keeping us stuck in thinking mode, in worry mode, in this feels too big, better stay right here where at least my discomfort is comforting mode.

Sound familiar?

Still we know that on the other side of all our indecision lies the peace, relief and clear, soul-glowing momentum that comes from feeling confident and joyful about truly showing up to meet the limitless potential in this new idea, this next phase.

So let’s figure this shit out and figure out what’s next so you can get back on track, ok?

It’s time for a breakthrough. I can get you to the other side.

Fill out the application and I’ll be in touch oh so soon.


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