It's so easy to forget my dear, but you don't actually have to figure out all the things, all by yourself.

Let’s aim for a whole lot less of this face okay?

Did you know that pretty much all high-achieving, high-performing humans rely on coaches and consultants to help facilitate accelerated growth? I sure didn’t in the early years of my own business – and I struggled to be both visionary and admin, marketing strategist and graphic designer, email marketing expert and bookkeeper.

My 14 years spent transforming PR Couture from a beloved little industry blog into a triumphant revenue-generating machine, is as much a personal success story as it is a business one –  one of increasing willingness to seek out and accept support.

What exactly do I mean?

Well I’m not signing up to be your bookkeeper, that’s for sure! But building a business is tough, soul-level work that touches –  and is reflective of – every single aspect of your life. And, just when you think you’ve climbed the mountain, you realize your smack dab in the middle of an entire mountain range of next steps and future climbs. 

This is why we (yes I include myself here) are well-served by hiring smart, curious coaches to accompany us along the way, to remind us look up at the sky and remember possibility, when are staring down at dirty boots and 10,000 tiny pebbles. Coaches who can point out that our shadow is standing a little taller lately, to help us to recognize how far we’ve come, to celebrate alongside us as we come to understand how capable, how powerful, we truly are. Over and over again.

Here’s what else I know: the sooner you invite those a few steps ahead of you to toss you the zipline, the easier and more enjoyable the adventure becomes.  

Hey, I'm Crosby,

i'm Here to help you handle it

Haute Shots: Private Coaching for Communication Consultants, Startup Lifestyle Brands and Subject Matter Experts ready to do the darn thing.

Over the course of six months you will :

✔️ Adopt loving mindset shifts + effective, custom strategies that work for how you want to work (and how you work best) – you are not a formula or framework.

✔️ Experience energy-boosts that have you creating at optimal flow + and trust in restorative, nourishing reflection. Through both, you will come to know yourself and your desires more deeply – operating from a place of self-belief and self-trust. 

✔️ Finally get a handle on all the ideas and possibilities, could and shoulds, and instead anchor into consistent, committed action – step into the leading role, it’s yours.

From ideation to implementation, brand essence to business models, I’ve got you.

A little client love

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