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Here's what to expect during your session

The Breakthrough session is my a la carte, book it when you need it, 75-minute laser coaching session that feels more like a party being thrown in your honor. Beyond our actual phone (or video chat time), you get a week of email access for follow up and follow through, including feedback on up your most pressing piece of copy or strategy (PR pitch, Marketing Roadmap, Resume etc).

Book a Breakthrough Session when you need to tape an expert’s brain to help you gain clarity, cross off to-dos or make a commitment or decision. Perfect for frank insight into that business idea you’re thinking about, that brand you need to promote, that career pivot you can’t stop thinking about…I’ve got you, no matter what.

Feedback, advice, SO MUCH STRATEGY, actionable next steps, gut checks, out of the box ideas, unexpected epiphanies, ahas big and small and excitement.


My Specialties

building + audience growth

From websites to social, self-publishing books to community creation, email marketing and speaking on the big stage, let's get to it.

PR, Pitching + Industry Opps

Need to make sure whatever your building is editor-friendly? Want to brainstorm 7,000 different pitch angles for a single product - amazing, let's do it. Curious about career options or going freelance, let's go there.

Branding + Narrative Strategy

From visual identity to big picture intention down to the nitty gritty of what story to tell, where and when and how, I've got a way with words and images and now you do too.

imposter syndrome and mental blocks

You're tired of playing small but in need of a confidence boost and a swift loving kick in the pants to do the damn thing already. I can do that. We can do that together.

let's get started!

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What the other humans say

Crosby is a truly brilliant brand and marketing strategist who continues to amaze me with both her wealth of knowledge and her genius ideas. She really sees the whole picture — and all the monetization opportunities that most other strategists, CEOs, or CMOs would leave on the table. Just one hour with Crosby can help you start to makeover your business and brand so it’s attractive, profitable, and making the largest impact possible. She’s truly a strategy secret weapon.
Award-Winning Screenwriter, Copywriter
Crosby is the QUEEN of maximizing all areas of your business. She clearly sees what areas need more energy and attention and which you can drop asap to amplify your marketing, message, and make your life a hell of a lot easier! Need someone to totally makeover your business and brand or just help you work through all your to-dos to find the ones that are going to make the biggest difference? Spend an hour with Crosby and she'll have you looking at your whole plan with new eyes and tons of excitement and confidence.
Melanie St. Clair
Mindset Coach

…And you are?

Hey, I’m Crosby, Founder of PR Couture, business, brand and career strategist.

Over the last decade, I’ve helped hundreds of quietly (and not so quietly) ambitious women connect to their inner wisdom, execute dream projects and reach high-impact status, all by being exactly who they are.

I’m great at navigating all that comes with developing a successful niche, content-rich digital platform for yourself or that thing you want to do.

That’s what I’ve done personally – from $10 an-hour publicist terrified to pick up the phone to six-figure business owner running the leading industry resource for fashion + lifestyle communication professionals, regularly tapped for interviews, keynotes and consulting.

(Though I still don’t love the phone because well, #proudintrovert).

I’d love to help you figure out your next step. Reach out anytime,