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The pressure is on – you need to land consistent, impactful press coverage, influencer partnerships and event sponsors for clients. 

We’ve got you covered across planning, strategy and execution. 

  • From Plan to Pitch: A clear, easy-to-follow PR framework that yields results
  • Influencer collaboration: How to structure influencer asks and contracts for optimal mutual benefiT
  • Writing for a yes: reply-worthy templates for traditional, digital and sponsor opportunities

Grab our Pitch Maven Bundle to gain
next-level outreach skills that build momentum and increase the number of client opportunities secured

This bundle is worth $317 but yours for

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The Pitch Maven Bundle includes:

  • Influencer Outreach Kit: Influencer partnerships are a core part of any smart PR/marketing program. Manage your entire influencer program with our 5 email templates, sample contract and creative brief checklist and ensure a top-notch result ($127 value)
  • Editor + Sponsor Pitch Templates: Steal our words for media + sponsor outreach results you'll absolutely love. Includes 5 scripts for common media scenarios you can put into play TODAY ($97 value)
  • Pitch Perfect: You’ll appreciate how we’ve broken down an entire PR program for product-based brands into 10 action-oriented steps. Tighten up your strategic approach and land more placements that support brand objectives ($49 value)

Plus an additional $44 Pitch essentials bonus

  • Holiday Gift Guide Secrets + Pitch Template: Take the guesswork out of seasonal gift guides. Learn 8 proven methods to secure gift guides inclusion, pitch timeline and sample pitch template ($27 value)
  • Evergreen Pitch Calendar: We've put together monthly, recurring lifestyle pitch ideas and key holidays into a fun, printable graphic that will make it easier to plan and stay on top of short and long-lead deadlines 1 ($17 value)

This bundle is worth $317 but yours for

After purchase you’ll be able to login to PR Couture and access all the files in one easy spot

Let's dig into what you're getting

1. Influencer Outreach Kit

The Influencer Outreach Kit Includes Email Scripts for:

  • Let's work together: A general invitation to use to begin a new relationship with an Influencer
  • Great, let's get started: Once an influencer is on board, detail out the specifics of the collaboration and next steps
  • Event Attendance: This script makes it easy to get influencer RSVPs for your brand event
  • Checking in: A polite follow-up/nudge nudge for outstanding deliverables or pending work
  • Update request: A post-engagement thank you with room to make any requested tweaks or changes

Plus the following

  • Sample Influencer Agreement/Contract: Get it in writing and get it signed. This contract will give you a sense of what you need to include in your influencer marketing partnerships
  • Checklist for a Project or Creative Brief Take a page out of the ad agency playbook and outlining your campaign with a brief
  • 3 of our most popular articles on Influencer Marketing: “Improve Influencer ROI,” “Influencer Collaborations on a Tiny Budget,” and “Get more ROI from Influencer Content.” (written by the experts over at Shopping Links)List Item

2. Pitch + Sponsor Templates

The Influencer Outreach Kit Includes Email Scripts for:

  • Charmed, I'm sure: A no stress missive for first-time outreach that will totally wow your soon-to-be editor BFF
  • So I'm throwing an event... A fill-in-the-blank for connecting with sponsors for money, donated product or in-kind support
  • Stage left: It's time to spread that message and book a gig as a professional speaker or panelist for that cool new conference
  • Link in bio: Exactly what to say when reaching out to contribute an article to your dream website
  • #Sponsored: Spell out your influencer collaboration idea so that it's a full body yes

2. Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect is our PR Playbook and covers:

  • How to create a PR plan, identify a target audience and create media-friendly key messages
  • The breakdown on who to pitch, when and how to easily find those hard-to-get email addresses for free
  • What you'll need as far as press materials and the real deal about press releases
  • How to become an editor BFF- so indispensable that editors come to you for help for a change!
  • Sample email pitches for editors and influencers, including how to handle free product requests
  • Your press coverage is just the beginning - learn what to do after you have that media hit in hand for maximum brand value

Plus our Evergreen Pitch Calendar and Holiday Gift Guide Tips + Pitch Template

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