Tired of sending out job-related emails and coming back to an empty inbox?

Learn how to write for a response

Steal our words and get more interviews, gigs and mentor meetings on your calendar.

The Professional Goods Package includes 5 email templates designed to help you craft clever, concise and reply-worthy job-related communication requests.

The 5 templates are:

  • But I really really want it: Land the interview this cover letter template, perfect for when you can't even handle it you want the job so badly.
  • So are you like, hiring? How to get on that amazing company's radar, even if they don’t appear to be hiring.
  • I wouldn't call it a perfect fit but: A killer approach to use when your experience isn’t the best fit for the position, but damnit, you’re going to apply anyway!
  • Tell them why I'm great, please: Boost your reputation with the encouragement of your former boss and peers. This template makes it easy to land recommendations for Linkedin and beyond.
  • Okay I'm totally fangirling: Surrounding yourself with those who are more successful is a smart move, but reaching out can be stressful. Use this template to begin a relationship with a potential mentor.
Professional Email Templates for PR Job Seekers

Simply copy, paste and personalize!