Imagine what your life would be like without all the indecision fatigue, internal confusion, nagging insecurity and frequent overwhelm.

Feels pretty good no?

We shall make it so!

hello my lovely!

I’m so proud of you already for allowing yourself to explore career coaching to help you grow professionally and personally. That takes some guts. I’ll use this quick form to ensure we’re a good fit and if so, give you the info on setting up a complimentary clarity session. If we aren’t a match, I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction by suggesting a few resources. You’ll hear from me either way within a few days. Cool? Cool.

Crosby Noricks

Here to help you handle it.

Figuring out your dream career doesn’t have to be so hard sweet cheeks. Let me help!

I’ve opened up a few spots on my calendar for career coaching because I believe so much of our personal development and success comes from doing work in the world we love.

For me, getting starting in my career suuuuuucked. Yes the economy was in a bad place and blah blah blah, but the toughest part was that I didn’t have a clear career direction or burning passion, just a lot of medium interests and a lot of student loan payments. Actually scratch that, the worst part was that I had was playing small, struggling to feel confidence with no idea what I was truly good at.

After those challenging first few years, I discovered PR and found a truly great fit. I’ve worked in-house, freelance and agency-side for fashion, accessories, lifestyle and consumer brands. While I started as an account coordinator terrified of picking up the phone to pitch, to running the PR and marketing department, regularly landing placements in magazines, driving revenue through email marketing, and having a blast naming new designs. While getting my Master’s Degree in Mass Communication I discovered the wonders of fashion blogs and with it, email pitching (I’m an introvert – I like the safety of my inbox for outreach, thank you very much!). From there I went on to create and leading the award-winning social media and content marketing department before ultimately growing PR Couture from a blog into an industry-leading platform and successful business with multiple revenue streams. 

Over the last decade I’ve mentored hundreds of women to successfully navigate the professional landscape. I have a pretty good track record of turning job interviews into job offers myself (I’ve gotten almost every job I’ve applied for – and my last 3 I didn’t even interview for, they were literally given to me). I have a sleuthy sixth sense for figuring out what’s going on, where you’re stuck, and what needs to happen to get you feeling better and smashing goal after goal. 

Let’s make magic,

So much support

Monthly chats with Crosby, industry experts and opportunities for mentorship baked right in.