Casting: Docu-Series Seeks Fashion Marketing Experts for E-Commerce Brand Dir. Position


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The only times I find myself watching Reality Television is either when it is on the TV in front of my treadmill or I am providing supportive couch time for a friend, wine included. Most of it makes me really uncomfortable. Like, hide under the blanket uncomfortable. As such, I’m not sure exactly how I feel about this. This being job search as visual spectacle, or job qualifications being connected to how much the camera loves me, or brand using an open position as it’s own marketing opportunity. On the other hand, short stints on similar shows have catapulted the careers of several women into opportunities and work well worth coveting. And who knows, it could be fun.

Casting: Director of Brand Marketing at a Top Fashion E-Commerce Site

So, here it is:  a major cable network is currently on a nationwide search “for the most ambitious and business savvy go-getters who want a chance to be the Director of Brand Marketing at a Top Fashion E-Commerce Site.” The filming will take place in Los Angeles and while details are vague, it will include following job candidates through the “competitive interview process.” I don’t have the details on the level of the position (though Director of Brand Marketing to me sounds like 7-10 years experience), salary details or any of the position particulars.

Of course, the brand itself is a secret.

If you are interested in applying, email and include name, contact info, a current resume, a recent photo and, most importantly, a brief synopsis of why you’re the next big Director of Brand Marketing for a company who must not be named.

Please! Let me know what you think about this approach? Is it brilliant? Icky? And, will you be applying?

Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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