The Basics of Gifting-4 Ways to Garner Celebrity Coverage For Your Brand

Public relations agencies in Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, often work with brands who dream of getting their products in the hands of celebrities. Whether your business is located in sunny so-cal or not, getting celebrity attention for your brand can have a huge impact on media coverage, brand recognition, and most importantly, sales.

Here are four different approaches to creating celebrity partnerships that will help garner customer attention for your brand.

1. Sponsor a Star-Studded Event

Celebrities are often spotted at hotspots around town and are always attending luxury events from launch parties to the GRAMMYs. Sponsoring events is a great way for brands to get access to a curated list of talent. Not only is this a simplified process of negotiating compensation deals and coordinating logistics from a business standpoint, but it also creates a natural partnership. This way, celebrities are more likely to integrate the brand into their routines. One of our beauty clients was a sponsor at the GRAMMYs Gifting Lounge this year. This generated a large number of organic mentions on Instagram, along with several traditional media interviews.

2. Target Your Gifting

Although celebrities receive a large number of PR gifts on a daily basis and are often overwhelmed with packages, the reality is that most gifts are uninteresting and irrelevant. PR gifts can still be effective, however, if the brand does its research before sending out products. Make sure that the targeted consumer audience fits the celebrities that you are reaching out to. Refrain from blindly sending out products. Additionally, even without paying large sums of money to negotiate brand deals, targeted PR gifting can result in successful organic partnerships and testimonials from celebrities.

3. Align Your Brand With Celeb Missions

Mission alignment is also very important when considering celebrity outreach. Celebrities often stand behind large organizations or non-profits and believe in certain social causes. Make sure that your brand’s mission aligns with a celebrity’s social, environmental, or health beliefs before reaching out. For example, if your skincare brand does not align with FDA-approved cruelty-free standards, then you should refrain from reaching out to celebrities who vocalize their support for cruelty-free beauty. When brands reach out without prior research, it is not only a waste of time for both parties but also a lack of respect.

4. Build Relationships With Managers and Assistants

We must never forget the importance of building relationships when pursuing business goals associated with celebrity exchanges. It’s crucial to remember that celebrities are people, too and that the most successful partnerships come from mutually beneficial relationships. Additionally, many celebrities are represented by an agent or manager, who handles all correspondence of this kind. It’s a smart move to get on the good side of their assistant. Do this before diving straight into business goals and deliverables.

Public relations is all about building relationships between people and making meaningful connections. This ultimately works to elevate both brand and media. Especially when it comes to working with the top celebrities in Los Angeles, keep our tips in mind to form the most successful partnerships!

Belle Zhang

Belle Zhang

Having lived in two different countries growing up, Belle's understanding of the world and cultures has been greatly influenced by not only her first-hand experiences but also by the vastly different media outlets in each country. From Myspace to Weibo, Vine to Douyin, Belle puts her hands on every social media platform accessible to her and has a passion for everything creative. Belle enjoys writing about public relations and marketing trends. Belle is currently an Account Executive at BLND Public Relations as well as a graduate student studying Strategic Public Relations at the University of Southern California.