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Hofit Golan wearing Falguni and Shane at Cannes, 2010

CLD PR is a full service PR agency which specializes in celebrity and media outreach. Part of the Chic Little Devil Style House umbrella, the largest celebrity and stylist resource in Southern California, CLD PR launched about six months ago with director Desiree Ontiveros at the helm, to serve increasing requests from CLD designers looking for PR support.  Daily operations for CLD PR include celebrity pulls for top celebrity stylists, editorial pulls for the likes of GenLux, Wonderland, Vogue Italy, Nylon and Lucky as well as celebrity/entertainment outreach and events.

Recently, Desiree and team represented fifteen designers at the Cannes Film Festival 2010 through a CLD PR Pop-Up Styling Suite at the Palais Miramar on the Croisette.  Because many designers lack a showroom or store presence at Cannes, the goal was to promote and present vibrant designers to the celebrity and taste-maker set, serving their fashion needs while they enjoyed the glamorous parties and red carpet festivities. CLD PR provided style advice, wardrobe lending, gown preparation, look completions, fun pampering and emergency wardrobe services complete with an in house tailor.

Hofit Golan wearing Romona Keveza at Cannes 2010

Before making it to the South of France, CLD PR reached out to celebrity stylists and media about the Suite, and word spread quickly during the two-week festival. The Suite was a huge success and has already resulted in celebrity requests,  product placement opportunities and inquiries for co-branding and sponsorships.  While planning for a bigger and better version of the Pop-Up Styling Suite for 2011, CLD PR is continuing to make the most of their time in Cannes by following up with long-lead publications, sending over celebrity photos, and of course, sending thank you notes to all who stopped by.

CLD PR offered up the following PR Tips for Celebrity Outreach for PR Couture readers:

Choose your celebrities wisely

  • Choose celebrities that are known to sell product, and know that these are not necessarily your bigger name stars, who may be to aspirational in the mind of the consumer to drive sales. If you are looking to work with a PR agency specializing in celebrity outreach, don’t be afraid to ask questions around this topic or ask for a list of who the agency believes your celebrity target to be.

Go International

  • Consider which celebrities are big in your various markets and don’t limit yourself to the US Weekly selection set.

Look for genuine partnerships

  • Celebrities can help with exposure, but  look for celebrities who are authentically fans of your designs. Most likely, these true fans will be seen in your product more than once, which demonstrates their brand loyalty and will help generate repeat business and exposure.

CLD is Los Angeles’ largest Style House with over 50,000 vintage and contemporary designer garments, accessories, and shoes from over 200 top designers including of of the largest collections of McQueen. Desiree herself has a background in promoting European designers stateside, as well as years working in-house in London with various couture designers. She explains, “in this day and age, all designers are international, and all celebrities are international,” noting that many top stylists live on both sides of the pond. When evaluating emerging designer talent, Desiree is most attracted to quality of construction, fabric quality, hand detailing, and believes that there has been a shift toward appreciating fashion as art.

Reach Desiree at and follow CLD PR on Twitter.

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Crosby Noricks

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