5 Tips to Send Corporate Gifts Your Clients Will Actually Appreciate


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While the thank you note is a mainstay of best PR practices, going above and beyond with a little extra treat in the form of a gift can do wonders for a new relationship, growing business and improving client and employee satisfaction. Gifting shouldn’t be considered a once a year, holiday time acknowledgement – in fact, a “just because” gift can be infinitely more memorable and effective.

Gifts can be used for anything from business branding and incentivizing employees to building closer relationships with clients and partners.

Below are a few gifting guidelines to help you “bring more to the table.”

Personalize your gift to the recipient

They key to a great gift is when your receiver thinks “Wow! She really knows me.” Acknowledging the individual through personalization (not a Starbucks gift card) demonstrates that you notice and appreciate who they are. The more you can customize a gift (or better yet, let them customize it so they get exactly what they like) the more of a perfect fit, and a better gift it will be.

Your gift should extend your brand

A stand-out gift is one that surprises and delights it’s receiver, but it should also align with your company values and brand. Find gifts that are a natural fit for your company and you’ll encourage a stronger connection between the recipient and what you have to offer her.

Gifting shouldn’t be considered a once a year, holiday time acknowledgement – in fact, a “just because” gift can be infinitely more memorable and effective.

Packaging matters more than you think

Everyone wants to make a great first impression and packaging can be as important as what’s inside. Proper wrapping, brand colors and a fun hand-written note add to the experience.  The initial impression of receiving your package y with them long after candle has burned down to the wick, so be sure your gift is “dressed to impress.”

Be quick about sending gifts

If you are going to send a gesture of thanks, kudos or congratulations, it should be sent right away. Congratulations that comes a week or two after a big win feel like an afterthought. Gifts that can be sent instantly (when you realize you need to acknowledge “that special person” —today!!) can make you look like you are totally on the ball — even when you‘re totally not.

Consider the entire gifting experience

The more fun you can make the gift for the receiver, the more memorable and appreciated, it will be.  The experience that the gift provides – from unwrapping to enjoying – is what makes for a truly effective gifting experience. Consider how your gift can appeal to all the senses – touch, smell and taste.

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