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Career Moves

Welcome to class, sweet cheeks!

Applying for your dream job or ready for a promotion at work?

Squeeze yourself into that tiny desk, pull out your favorite notebook and glitter pen – it’s time to take notes and make waves.,

This is the “Landing the Job”  fast track, full of the best career and interview materials the Coterie has to offer. Just follow the syllabus below and start planning your outfit for the first day of this next phase of your career.  

career moves 101

Here's your syllabus


Develop Your Career Plan

Learn powerful career growth strategies inside Module 3 of PRISM, and check out the Pitching section inside Module 2 for help with cover letters.  Plenty of info on upgrading your PR skills and personal branding in the other modules. We recommend starting at the beginning but if you are looking for to make a switch, Module 3 is where you want to be.

Digital Download

start your outreach

Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to reaching out to ideal companies. We’ve developed 5 email templates for common outreach situations related to career including 2 cover letter templates and one for reaching out when there are no jobs listed. Just add your own touches to make these scripts your very own.


Ace Your Interview

We talked to agency owners at top PR agencies to get the the inside scoop on how to be a stand-out applicant. Combined with our 3-phase interview approach, you’ll be unstoppable as you wow hiring managers and field offer letters.


Negotiate for that $$$

Negotiating salary, benefits and perks comes with the territory of navigating new jobs and promotions. In this 60-minute workshop, Her First 100k founder Tori Dunlap breaks down the most common salary negotiation hurdles – and how to crush them. You’ll learn how to answer the tough questions like, “What are your salary expectations?” the EXACT script to use when negotiating, how to negotiate for benefits that aren’t salary, and more.

Extra credit

of course there is more!

Professional Development

Once you’ve completed the above lessons, head over to the blog and peruse our Professional Development section to keep growing.

book a session

Need help navigating a new opportunity or situation at the office? Book a 45 min. one-on-one session with Crosby as an upgrade to this month’s membership for $97 (reg $297)