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As a PR-Preneur, you likely play both the role of founder and chief executive officer (CEO). In this context, you as CEO hold the ultimate authority as the decision-maker. No pressure, right? You lead the charge, set the company vision and trajectory. You guide company mission, positioning, and reputation. Often, you are also the spokesperson/main figurehead whose expertise lands the work. Here, your own personal brand is as important as the one you are growing through your business (if you take the solo consultant route, they may be one and the same).

When it’s time to put on your CEO hat (does it ever really come off?!), you’re sitting down to figure out:

  • Strategic planning, priorities, and services
  • How to raise awareness and cultivate a reputation
  • When it’s time to start new things, putting an end to what’s not working
  • Where to reinforce company positioning, ensuring value alignment
  • How the company’s trajectory shapes the future for you and your business