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The chief financial officer (CFO) is responsible for financial planning and strategic direction. Through the lens of financial strengths and weaknesses, CFOs guide and analyze a company’s viability and health. If you have never run a business or had regular access and familiarity with financial documents, this one can be a challenge. But it’s nothing you can’t figure out by stretching your financial savvy! And of course, enlisting help in the form of accountants, bookkeepers, and perhaps even a fractional CFO to help you manage this side of the business.

  • Direct long-term business, and financial planning
  • Provide leadership, direction, and management of all things finance 
  • Make strategic recommendations to manage financial planning
  • Conduct all financial reporting, projections, and forecasts
  • Establish and develop relationships with external partners
  • Reviewing all formal finance, HR, and IT-related procedures

Note: the CFO suite houses our training related to pricing – for all other sales-related resources, visit the CMO Suite!