Mariposa Communications

Mariposa Communications was founded with a desire to combine the intimate services of an in-house public relations department with the wide range and exciting offerings of a boutique agency. Specializing in fashion accessory brands, we work intimately with our designers to meet all of their needs.

As our team conducts fashion PR in New York City, we are able to work closely with the world’s leading print and digital publications. Our experience and relationships in the industry allow us to offer a diverse range of public relations services and customized strategic marketing plans which help you increase your brand’s profile and boost your sales. Our team provides the best possible experience by consulting on trend forecasting, design ideas, marketing materials, events and retail strategy. At Mariposa Communications, we focus on long-term growth by working closely with the top traditional and digital media outlets. We thrust emerging brands into the spotlight and established brands into the top tier. Our client press highlights can be found here and industry praise at the link here!