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Facebook: the most popular way to waste time during business hours in the world! The average Facebook user spends an hour a day on the site, and has liked 2-5 pages. A recent infographic from Get Satisfaction focuses on why consumers follow brands, and the insights make a strong case for not only having to your Facebook Page, but treating it with as much attention and care as any of your other communication activities:

  • Over 97% of people say that social media has influenced their decision to make a purchase of a brand or product.
  • Over 18% of people follow a brand on Facebook for interesting and entertaining content.
  • Over 36% of people follow a brand on Facebook for special deals
  • 70% of those surveyed have entered a social media contest or sweepstakes

Facebook provides an opportunity to engage with customers where they are already spending their time – and used properly, can be a powerful tool for driving traffic (and sales) to your website.

Here are 5 ways to get started:

Create a Landing Tab with a Fan Gate

Much like your homepage, a welcome tab or landing tab provides first-time visitors the opportunity to get a feel for why they should join your Page. Provide a quick brief overview of the value of clicking that like button, and highlight a key promotion, upcoming event or recent bit of press coverage. This is also a great place to capture them into your email program.  If you can tease your customer with a coupon, free download or other valuable piece of content, set up a Fan Gate, which is basically a teaser – you dangle the carrot (Swarovski, of course) and your visitor gets access to that carrot, after she clicks Like. This can do great things for your overall fan growth.

Promote Your Page Prominently – Everywhere

Rather than allowing your Facebook Page to be an afterthought, make it a priority. Promote your page on your packaging, receipts, invoices, email signatures, hang tags, email newsletter, postcards and press kits. Whether it’s packaging, clothing tags, etc., asking your fans to follow you on Facebook should be prominent and it should be viewed as a ‘call to action’ in and of itself. Engage your existing community by promoting social media contests via email. Include recent posts made by fans in a social media conversation sidebar.

Create Great, Conversational Content

Part of the draw of Facebook is conversation and community. Every time you post something, ask for feedback. Ask questions of your Facebook community – their opinions, their interests, and which color they like best.  Provide a special, fan-only sneak peek or Facebook only extra discount on sale merchandise to show that you value your Facebook fans. Consider creating a monthly content calender with a variety of themes and make sure you promote your email list, mobile site and press as well as thoughts on trends, behind-the-scenes shots of your workroom, secret ingredient for making the perfect Bellini…in other words, find a balance between promotional, and personable content.

Facebook PPC Advertising & Sponsored Stories

Advertising you say? Yes, like you, we were once skeptical. The truth is that there is only so much you can do promoting Facebook without a little help from, well Facebook. And if you understand just how valuable a robust, active Page is, you should avail yourself of the budget-friendly (no minimum, you set your max) Facebook PPC ads and Sponsored Stories. Manage them yourself, target customers via age, demographics and interests and watch your numbers grow!

Facebook Places & Deals

For brick & morter stores, Facebook places and deals provides a great way to drive traffic into your store! Claim your location and offer a special deal for anyone who checks-in via Facebook. The check-in functions like a free promotion and WOM validation from one Facebook user to their friends. If you are a designer, consider working with boutiques that sell your line to run a promotion.

This just tips the iceberg of what is possible via Facebook. Make sure to check your Facebook insights and make note of what is working and what is not. When in doubt, ask your fans for their thoughts and ideas. Creating a collaborative space with fans increases loyalty and drives engagement.

Written in collaboration with Polina Raygorodskaya,  an acclaimed analyst and public relations specialist for the fashion, beauty, luxury and travel industry. As president of Polina Fashion LLC, she has addressed the marketing and public relations needs of countless up and coming designers and international clients. For more information, please visit www.polinafashion.com or email info@polinafashion.com.