Feeling more WTF than Woohoo about this PR stuff?

The truth is, there is art and strategy to building a successful brand, and very little of that has to do with what you actually sell.

We know, just getting your collection MADE was a whole thing, and now you’ve got to consider your website, email list, social media, marketing campaigns and press coverage. It just feels like too much.

Think of PR Couture as that expert communications advisor you dream of hiring. Learn exactly what the professionals know, find agencies who won’t rip you off, who genuinely care about you and your vision, and get up to speed on what’s trending – from content strategy to influencer spending. 

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What's Haute: hire an expert

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Brand building starts here

Pitch like the pros

If the idea of reaching out to an editor makes you oh so nervous, or if you’re sending out pitches but not hearing anything back, it’s likely you need a tweak to your outreach. Use our signature method to sculpt response-worthy communication and start seeing results.

influencer marketing? handled.

With budgets shifting steadily into the influencer marketing bucket it’s become increasingly important to find the right people to work with and set up collaborations and partnerships for mutually-beneficial success. Remember, influencers are not trained journalists. The rules are different. With our Influencer Marketing Bundle, we’ve put together templates or 5 common influencer outreach scenarios a campaign brief checklist and sample contract.

Your secret weapon for publicity

It seems like every day another magazine folds or moves to digital-only. Media lists become out of date as soon as you purchase them; editors are being let go and publications are relying on freelance writers (whose email addresses can be extra hard to find).

This current kerfuffle is why you need to you head on over and subscribe to a powerful little service called Media Leads. With Media Leads, you’re responding to editor requests, rather than pitching into the black hole of a busy inbox. And it’s just for product-based businesses. Hallelujah.

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A few popular articles to get you started

print vs digital editor expectations

Whether you’re looking to score a coveted placement in InStyle or a featured product in a Refinery29 slideshow, it’s important to keep in mind that long-lead media and short-lead/digital media have different requirements when it comes to putting together a story.


Is PR supposed to equal sales?

…if there’s one thing that drives me crazy more than anything else, it’s having to explain to clients that strategically targeted press hits in glossy magazine pages, on heavy-traffic websites and even on national television programs, may not guarantee immediate financial reward. 

How to help your PR Person Land more coverage

The success you achieve when you retain a publicist can often have a lot to do with assets and support provided by the brand itself. Often brands sign on with a PR agency and magically expect to see their product appear in next month’s issues of their favorite magazine.

Building a brand takes guts.

I started my career in public relations because I was excited by the idea of using my talents to help creative artists, designers and creators gain recognition and success. Over the last decade, I have worked with companies of all sizes – from a top fast fashion retailer to a small athleisure startup – to connect with their people through PR, social media, and brand storytelling.

Concurrently, I have built PR Couture into what it is today, and I know firsthand how challenging it is to be the decision-maker and to navigate an increasingly complex, fragmented media landscape.

My hope is that with PR Couture, our consulting, agency partners and robust content library will fuel you to more confidently bring your brand to life, and to experience the joy that comes from seeing something you made, get the visibility and traction it deserves. Theres’ nothing like it.

Consider me in your corner as of right now. Take a look at how we can work together directly and feel free to reach out anytime crosby@prcouture.com


Crosby Noricks