DKNY PR Girl Wins Best Twitter Four Years Running at Fashion 2.0 Awards


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Have you ever had the experience where, upon watching one too many episodes of a favorite TV show, you suddenly start to feel as though the characters are your friends? Or you are walking down the street and keep running into people who look like someone you know from somewhere – high school? college? That short stint selling Merino sweaters on commission at Macy’s?

Posing with the founders of Hukkster (far right), nominated for Best Fashion Startup

Attending the Fashion 2.0 Awards last night was a bit like that – seeing the personalities that make up so much of my daily internet trolling was quite magnificent. While it was great to see a handful of New York friends, I did walk around trying to place people that I instantly felt a kinship toward, despite never having actually met.  On the dress up front, I decided to have a go at my own hair and make-up, but was able to wear a delicious, Stevie Nicks does black tie, Oliver Twist dress, thanks very much to Love Assali, a clothing label based in Beirut. Really going to miss that dress!

Aliza Licht, Best Twitter 

Now in it’s fourth year, the Fashion 2.o awards featured a handful of fashion brands were up for a handful of awards, with Marc Jacobs and Saks sweeping up two awards each.  The Marc Jacobs team shared that success comes in part from a company environment where the answer is often why not! as opposed to why, and an ability to focus on long-term relationship building through social media, as opposed to sales. Aliza Licht, aka @DKNY, scooped up “Best Twitter” for the forth year in a row, and kept her acceptance speech brief, thanking us all for keeping up with a sometimes rabid cadence of tweets, which is of course, a complete pleasure.

Nominees were chosen by an online community of industry influencers and fashion fans; winners were voted on by the public.

Fashion 2.0 Award Winners

Style Coalition fashion & style bloggers mimicked big award show style banter as they handed out the awards clad in gorgeous Rent the Runway dresses. RTR founders Jennifer Hyman and Jenny Fleiss scooped up the 2.0 Visionary Award, and reminded us all that a great dress can make for an even greater evening. For a hint of the kind of hilarity that was Simon Doonan’s speech, The Daily has a lively recap.

Next year I hope that some PR Girl out there makes it her mission to give Queen Aliza at least a worthy Fashion 2.0 antagonist for 2014. Any surprises with the winners? Let’s talk about it on the Twitter.

Yuli Ziv and team Marc Jacobs, image of Aliza via Style Coalition.


Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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