DRES Eclectic Fashion Show in Miami March 26


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dres.jpgMod Media is at it again. Our favorite Floridian fashion PR team has collaborated with the Forge and San Francisco-based fashion publication Soma Magazine to present a truly innovative fashion show: DRES. Press, VIPs and local fashionistas will gather on Wednesday, March 26, 2008 at GLASS, The Forge, to witness Miami’s hottest models rock the catwalk adorned in creations by Andres Throckmorton Stickney.

Stickney is the genius behind the eccentric DRES collection showcasing loads of fearless fashions as well as a line of accessories with accents from his signature work of perforated fabrics. The designs express abstract concepts with couture embellishments: clear feather-weight nylon tubes, gold mesh armor, perforated fabrics, and even stuffed animals.
Stickney is a citizen of the world and current resident of New York City. A native of Guatemala, Andres drew his inspiration from various cultures and the organic synergies between nature and man. His desire to master fabrics new to the apparel industry led to his follow up collection consisting of perforated leather goods. The DRES collection is hand sewn and constructed out of his New York Studio and his designs are currently available to purchase at Opening Ceremony and other fine stores. Celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Theodora Richards, and musicians Miss Kittin & the Peaches are fans of the unique collection.

SOMA Magazine explores modern landscape and provides readers with unparalleled insight and award-winning design while covering relevant and thought-provoking topics such as; the arts, music, film, fashion and architecture. SOMA, originally an ancient Indo-Persian word related to ecstatic states, ritual offerings and the life force, the Greeks and Romans used SOMA to refer to the body, and Aldous Huxley described it as a holiday from the ordinary. This California based magazine is one of the longest running high fashion magazines in the nation with over 20 years of cutting edge looks and editorials.

For event press passes or media related inquiries please contact Jennifer Henry at 305.799.6484 or Jennifer@modmediamiami.com MOD Media LLC.