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Babiekins Magazine was conceived in 2009 as a digital publication focused on trendsetting children’s fashion and artful editorials.  Filling a void in the market for a style-forward magazine geared for the wee ones, Babiekins quickly established a loyal fanbase and garnered the attention of media heavyweights including Vogue Brasil and Cosmopolitan. This year Babiekins made the daring transition to print and debuted their glossy on the newsstands of Barnes & Noble and Target. We interviewed Priscila Curci Barros, the creative mind behind Babiekins, for insight on how to land in the pages of their print and digital issues.

Name: Priscila Curci Barros
Title: Editor in Chief
Publication: Babiekins Magazine
Circulation: 10,000+
How do you prefer to receive pitches? Email

babiekins first print issue

How far in advance do you work?

Since we work on both digital and print issues, usually a 2-4 month lead time.

What is the best time to send pitches?

Mornings are good, earlier in the week.

What types stories/pitches are you looking for?

We love to hear about new brands that are creative and aren’t cookie cutters of other brands. Stories about moms who have started their own brand empire. We also want to expand on lifestyle and travel- places to go with your children, stylish yet functional home décor, etc.

Babiekins Magazine {Winter Issue} from Lado de Dentro on Vimeo.

What makes a great pitch?

A great pitch should be geared for our publication- the person pitching should be familiar with our style aesthetic and what we cover. If they could offer a few suggestions for where to cover the item, have images and samples ready, and are friendly without being pushy that’s the most effective pitch.

If you are interested, what do you need to move forward?

High-resolution images, samples, and price points. Items we are featuring should be readily available for readers.

What is the best way for a publicist to build a relationship with you?

We love meeting publicists at events like Playtime NYC and virtually through social media- retweeting and sharing our posts, offering thoughtful comments, and being supportive of our publication is always noticed and appreciated.

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What is a guarantee that a publicist will never hear back from you?

Pushy, aggressive publicists who expect coverage are blacklisted.

What do you wish more publicists understood about Babiekins?

We are a growing publication started by a work-at-home mother- we are super busy but do take time to read your pitches and will include your brand if it is the right fit for our brand. Please be patient and craft thoughtful pitches.

Thanks Priscila!

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Crosby Noricks

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