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Stylist Gabrielle Lewis has always been a fan of high fashion. But frustrated after reading one too many magazines featuring dresses that cost more than her monthly rent, she decided to do something about it. Gabrielle gathered a team of editors who shared her vision of “living a large life on less” and launched the quarterly online and print publication, Thrifty Hunter Magazine. In its first year, Thrifty Hunter has already made quite a name for itself around the globe, showing readers where to affordably shop the latest trends from Italy to Japan.

I chatted with the Thrifty Hunter visionary recently and got the low-down on how to pitch this fast-growing publication.

Name: Gabrielle Lewis
Title: Founder, President & Publisher
Publication: Thrifty Hunter Magazine
Circulation: 25,000+

How do you prefer to receive pitches?

By an email from a publicist, manager or entrepreneur who is familiar with our publication.

How far in advance do you work?

Right now, we are just finishing up our winter issue, but I am already having production meetings for the spring issue. It will also be our one year anniversary issue!

What is the best time to send pitches?

Anytime, really. I am always keeping track of cool things that catch my eye and that I think may work for an upcoming issue. If I can’t use it for the current issue I’m working on, I may hold onto it for the future.

What types of stories/pitches are you looking for?

I am always looking for stories that have to do with being thrifty! That’s what we’re all about! From vintage fashion to thrift store fashion, we love showing readers how to create high style looks for less. I also love receiving pitches about celebrities who make a priority of living a “thrifty lifestyle” because it allows our readers to connect with them more. I love pitches from every walk of life, whether they’re about fashion designers, business owners, athletes, moms, chefs, etc.

As long as there’s a financially smart angle, pitch away.

What makes a great pitch?

Providing the story behind the pitch! It helps us immediately connect with your client or product and where he, she or it will fit into our magazine. Also, low res images. Fashion is visual so don’t pitch me a collection without showing me the collection!

If you are interested, what do you need to move forward?

If I’m working on styling a shoot, I’ll need access to your client’s items. We’re based in Los Angeles, so it helps if your client has a showroom or store in the area that we can pull from.

What is the best way for a publicist to build a relationship with you

Always feel free to keep the line of communication open. Send us pitches anytime!

What is a guarantee that a publicist will never hear back from you?

Hmm, well if you’re pitching me a crazy expensive line, that’s not something you’ll see anytime soon in Thrifty Hunter!

Thanks Gabrielle! Connect with Thrifty Hunter on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Robin Doyle

Robin Doyle

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