Emerging Fashion Designers: Win a $2,500 Brand Audit Package from Slate Design


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Is all the excitement around New York Fashion Week driving you to do more and grow faster in your business? Do you dream of one day being a household name, sending models down the runway to celebrity and fashion editor acclaim? A strong brand identity is the most important element in running a successful fashion line and where the magic starts. Branding is a crucial aspect of growing your brand, and to help get make your sartorial dreams come true, Slate Design is offering 5 Emerging Designers a chance to win a free week-long, personalized, Brand Audit Package (a $2,500 value).

Why a Brand Audit?

Many emerging designers believe that their collections is their brands, but in fact, your brand is a stand-alone entity that has very little to do with the individual pieces you create. A strong brand will allow you to engage your audience, build buzz, and drive brand loyalty and sales in today’s crowded marketplace. We will work together to help you uncover the best methods to drive your brand to success. After working with our team, you’ll be able to define your brand, identify your customer, ascribe the  appropriate pricing strategy, and develop tactics to create ideal branded experiences to grow customer and media interest.

What is included in a Brand Audit?

Over the course of a week of consulting, we will focus on three deliverables: A brand promise/essence, price point and retail classification, and a defined unique selling proposition (USP).

Your brand promise will help you make smart, strategic business decisions in order to cultivate meaningful relationships with clients. In staying consistent with – and communicating – your brand promise, you create an emotional connection with your customer that builds rapport, loyalty and repeat purchases.

Price point and retail classification often come as afterthoughts for many designers but they really are some of the most significant factors to consider as they influence all areas of the business and branding approach. As veterans of the industry, having worked with a multitude of brands, we will help you to develop a pricing strategy that is both profitable and prudent.

A clearly defined USP is a guidepost for how your brand is different from the competition. Through a high-level competitive review, we will identify your USP and discuss how to articulate it visually.

How to Apply

The Brand Audit is open to emerging apparel and accessories designers seeking exposure and sales in the U.S. Designers are required to have been in business for at least one year in order to be eligible.

Please email the following to brandme@slatedsgn.com with “PR Couture Giveaway” in the subject line:

  • Name/Contact Information
  • Brand Name
  • Website
  • Lookbook or product photography
  • Answer the following: What has been your greatest challenge thus far in growing your business?

Entries will be accepted until February 10, and we will choose those we deem to get the most value out of the process and notify winners on or near February 18, 2014.