3 Ways to Get Attendees to Actually Use Your Event Hashtag

An event hashtag is pretty standard for events these days; it ensures offline to online integration and makes it easy for PR professionals to track online buzz related to the event. While it’s easy to create a hashtag, getting attendees to actually use the hashtag during the event can be surprisingly challenging. Ultimately,  you want to create a hashtag that will become so memorable that it can be used for future events. Bonus points if becomes associated with the brand and gets used consistently, regardless of an event. Here are 3 ways to get increase your chances of that hashtag getting used by more than just the brand. 

Make event hashtags short and fun

The longer the hashtag or confusing to type, the less likely people are going to use it. Sometimes clients want to use an overly branded hashtag or language that may be “on brand” but confusing for the average attendee.  You want to create something that aligns with the brand but also appeals to the guest. To make a hashtag memorable, use alliteration or a fun play on words. A great hashtag can drive curiosity and extend the reach of your event.  

Ultimately,  you want to create a hashtag that will become so memorable that it can be used for future events.

Use the event hashtag everywhere

During the event, the hashtag should be everywhere, on every sign, napkin, swag bag, step & repeat and photo booth. Alternate simply using the hashtag with a strong call to action directing guests to post using the hashtag.Make sure guests are encouraged to use the hashtag verbally as well. Make sure everyone running the event knows the hashtag. If there is a speaker at the event have them remind everyone there to use the hashtag. Make it a team a team mission to secure a certain number of hashtags used. Lastly, make sure the brand is actively chronicling the event on its own social media channels, using the hashtag and tagging guests. Like and comment on all event photos using the hashtag to boost engagement.  

Create an incentive to use the event hashtag

Everyone loves to win a prize! While the event is going on, announce a contest that requires the use of the hashtag. Explain that the winner will be selected the next day and announced on the brand channel. This which will help keep everyone’s attention on the event and may boost post-event photos. Attendees will continue to track your social media accounts to see if there are any other updates and to see the winner.

Creating a unique hashtag, encouraging guests to use it during the event and incentivizing attendees to share their photos after are all steps to actually get your attendees to use your event hashtag. Every event is different and brainstorming with your team the best way to reach the target demographics that make up your attendees is ultimately the most successful way to make your event hashtag stick.  

Belle Zhang

Belle Zhang

Having lived in two different countries growing up, Belle's understanding of the world and cultures has been greatly influenced by not only her first-hand experiences but also by the vastly different media outlets in each country. From Myspace to Weibo, Vine to Douyin, Belle puts her hands on every social media platform accessible to her and has a passion for everything creative. Belle enjoys writing about public relations and marketing trends. Belle is currently an Account Executive at BLND Public Relations as well as a graduate student studying Strategic Public Relations at the University of Southern California.