3 PR Pro Tips To Keep Cool at Your Next Client Event

Tensions run high at client events. With big expectations and millions of small but important details being finalized, the pressure alone can lead to anyone easily losing their cool. While there are different ways to keep yourself calm at the actual event, we believe that a large part of remaining cool and collected is a direct result of your preparation and mindset beforehand.

Here are three ways to keep your cool during a client event:

Event Reality #1 – Be Prepared For The Worst

While we’d all like to believe in the power of positive thinking, it’s important to be realistic going into a client event and map out possible problems and pitfalls. Once your team identifies the worst case scenarios, you can properly plan for how to handle the variety of situations that may arise. Doing so will have you and your team prepared, equipped and ready to handle the worst if it unfortunately does happen. It’s important that your client trusts that no matter what uncertainties may arise during the event, your team will be fully able to adjust like nothing went off course.

Event Reality #2 – Organization is Everything

No matter how small the event, you never want to go into it unorganized and unsure of what is going to take place when and where. Coordinating a run-thru of the event with your team beforehand will bring to light any details that may have slipped through the cracks and get everyone on the same page. Printing out resources, such as a timeline of how the event should go and a contact sheet with important team members, vendors and client phone numbers, will also tighten the overall execution of the event. Vendors participating in the event will also appreciate the organization and will be more likely to work with you and your client again in the future if the event goes smoothly. Everyone feels calmer when they feel they are prepared, and being organized will do just that.

Event Reality #3 – Fuel Up (on Food, not Champagne)

Client events can be extremely draining. They require you to be on at all times and ready to handle any situation that is thrown at you. During the event there is usually little to no down time for you to grab something to eat, which is why it is so important for you to fuel up for the event beforehand to keep you energized and ready to go. Being ‘hangry’ at a client event will lead to nothing good. Make time to eat before and if you don’t have time, sneak some snacks in your purse to fuel up when you’re feeling low on energy.

No matter how much you prepare for a client event, there will always be unanticipated hiccups along the way. When this does happen, it’s important that you keep your cool and assure your client everything is on track. Keeping things in perspective, remaining calm and handling the problem with confidence will lead to a successful event no matter what curveballs you might be thrown.

Belle Zhang

Belle Zhang

Having lived in two different countries growing up, Belle's understanding of the world and cultures has been greatly influenced by not only her first-hand experiences but also by the vastly different media outlets in each country. From Myspace to Weibo, Vine to Douyin, Belle puts her hands on every social media platform accessible to her and has a passion for everything creative. Belle enjoys writing about public relations and marketing trends. Belle is currently an Account Executive at BLND Public Relations as well as a graduate student studying Strategic Public Relations at the University of Southern California.