6 Weeks of Mentorship + Industry Skills + PR Girl Community

PRISM is a multi-faceted approach to designing your dream PR Career. Available throughout the year as a DIY career planning course, the course focuses on 3 modules – personal branding, PR skills and career planning to help aspiring fashion & lifestyle publicists land their dream jobs.

In March and October, the course is taught live by Crosby Noricks in a small-group, yet still virtual setting.


Become an Instagram Influencer Marketing Expert in Just 4 Weeks

INSTAPPABLE offers fashion marketers and brands a crash course in developing, executing and evaluating influencer collaborations on Instagram. From creative briefs to KPI report templates, this course has it all.


A 2 Day Crash Course in Fashion PR

Fashion PR Confidential, taught in partnership with Danika Daly PR, is an educational (and entertaining) 2-day fashion PR workshop for students and entry-level practitioners. Fashion PR seems like a hard code to crack for many, but we prepare you with skills that will make you a confident, prepared and incredible at what you do. Prepare for an intense, rewarding and downright unforgettable experience. Also available as an online course.