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first 5 episodes ready to binge at prgirlseries.com

Today is a big day – after a summer of filming and editing, the brand new, original reality web series PRGirl has debuted its first five episodes!

While you are sure get to know show star Alex Moresco across the season as she wraps up a semester at graduate school, plans a huge fundraising gala for the Global Lyme Alliance, parties with her squad Bachelor/Bachelorette style and plenty more, we wanted to dig in a bit further to Alex’s background and experience shooting the show.

Let’s start with the basics. Alexandra (Alex) Moresco is a 24-year old entertainment publicist based in Chicago. She runs her own firm, A Moresco PR, helping to drive attention to and build the influence of her clients across digital and traditional media channels. In addition to her PR clients, Alex is pursing her Master’s Degree in Communication and an active supporter of the Global Lyme Alliance (Alex was diagnosed in 2016).

While firmly part of the millennial generation, Alex displays a Hepburn-esque charm and grace, combined with a savvy business mind and off-the-charts ability to execute and advocate for the individuals and causes that are important to her.

Signing on for a reality show – was it an instant YES or did it take some convincing?

If we are going to be completely honest here, I always said that I would never do reality TV. I’d been approached for other shows before- House of DVF, dating shows…you name it! I’m not sure why – I don’t consider myself a dramatic person. In fact, I actively stay away from drama so I never felt I was the right fit for what Reality TV is typically all about. 

When I was first approached by show creator Farissa Knox, I had a lot of internal debate as to whether I should do it or not- putting your life out there is a big decision!

I liked the concept of PRGirl but I didn’t think that it was the right time because I had just been diagnosed with Lyme disease. But Farissa explained that the vision for PRGirl was all about women empowering other women and showcasing the true ups and downs in life.  That perspective helped me to decide that actually, I HAD to be a part of it!

Have you always been comfortable being on camera?

Oh my gosh- no! I am a publicist by trade and work with TV stars and am so used to being behind the scenes. Having a camera in my face was a foreign concept. Luckily for me everyone was so easy going – I forgot cameras were there most of the time.

there anything that was completely off limits for you during filming?

Not much was completely off-limits-really just my family. Viewers get a glimpse of my husband and wedding but other than that I mostly kept my family out of PR Girl; I signed up to have my life broadcast but they did not.


the vision for PRGirl was all about women empowering other women and showcasing the true ups and downs in life…I HAD to be a part of it!

How did you prepare for the show?

I have been behind the scenes on so many sets and projects – and I think that experience really helped me to prepare. That prior knowledge of the aspects of filming that many don’t know about- like production and editing – gave me a good understanding of the whole process and what to expect. In prepping clients for TV interviews I’d learned know to explain things so they make sense to the viewer, so I was clear about the purpose of the talking head parts of the show.

I wound up having a lot of fun, Watching each episode is such a cool experience – I get to relive my summer and see everything I did with my best friends!

So you’ve watched the show? What was that like?

It is very odd seeing yourself on TV- I can admit that! I have watched the series- and I love it. I hope that others in creative industries or students in college take away at least one lesson from PRGirl and enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed filming it!

In the first episode you interview  a woman about diversity in the workplace as part of a final project in grad school, can you share a bit more about that?

For one of my class finals (I am getting my Masters in PR/AD at DePaul University in Chicago) we we were paired with a Chicago CEO and had to produce a video interview. It was one of my favorite class projects I have ever had to do.

I was lucky enough to be paired with Anne Pramaggiore, the CEO of ComEd. She is a fascinating woman and you can read my full interview with her HERE. She is a true advocate for having diverse voices in her workplace and really having them be heard. She is the true definition of women empowering other women and getting to speak to and personally learn from someone like that was an amazing opportunity.

I mostly kept my family out of PR Girl; I signed up to have my life broadcast but they did not.

PR is regularly listed as one of the most stressful jobs on the planet. With Lyme you run the very real risk of simply running out of energy, how do you mitigate this?

PR is incredibly stressful- I agree with you on that! I love my career and eventually had to come to the decision that I could not work the way I used to with 10 clients at any given time. I would up evaluating what was most important to me and stuck with a few clients that I absolutely adore and now work with Global Lyme Alliance to raise money and create awareness for an invisible illness that more than 300,000 people suffer from in the US alone.

Lyme disease is a tricky illness that many are not aware of- it essentially invades every aspect of your body. Personally, I suffer from severe memory loss, chronic pain and chronic fatigue amongst many other things on a daily basis. It took me two years to get diagnosed so I have been sick for a lot longer than many people know.

Chronic illness or not, it is important to have a balance in your life so you do not burn out. Personally, my phone goes off at 7:00pm every night and I do not have email on my phone. If someone is in dire need of me, they can call my cellphone.  

Speaking of balance, what does that look like for you?

This sounds so simple, but: listen to your body! If you are tired, go to bed early. We often ignore what our bodies are trying to tell us and that runs us down.

Set boundaries: stop checking email after a certain time once you leave work and try to do one thing for YOURSELF a day even if it’s as simple as taking a bath or going for a walk at night. If you set boundaries for yourself I can guarantee that you will be a lot less stressed out!

Learn when to say no: I’m not sure if this is considered a self-care tip but learning how to say no to things has been crucial to me saving my personal sanity. It’s okay to say no and not try to do 100 things at once. Try to focus on what matters most to you and really take some time to think about opportunities before committing to them.

I guess this is a bonus self-care tip? Ha! I truly believe that a good blowout fixes everything and makes you feel like a million bucks. I work with Jordan Pouponneau in Chicago but also love DryBar for an easy, stress free blowout for only $35.00.


Ok back to PR! What do want viewers to understand about running your own PR business?

PRGirl is not only meant to be fun but also educational. I think that young women’s perception of PR or any communication industry job is that you are living this glamorous life and whooping it up all the time- and yes, that is about 10% of the job. But the other 90% is schlepping stuff around and taking client calls at 10pm. You work just as hard in PR as any other job. Particularly, working in PR means you are never done learning – you are constantly working to understand and harness new technologies and methods of communication, and keeping up and ahead to maintain your value for clients.  

I’m also hopefully that viewers will better understand Lyme through my constant battle with the disease. Even if someone looks good on the outside- it doesn’t mean they are well internally.

I hope that the reminds viewers that everyone is dealing with something and to be a little kinder to people in your everyday life!

What’s changed for you as a result of being a part of the show?

I don’t know if I have necessarily changed from filming but I absolutely learned a lot, in particular about how to stay clear and “on message” when filming. This has given me a new appreciation for how hard my clients work!

I also think the process of filming made me less afraid to share the negative parts of my life as well as the positive. Life isn’t perfect and it’s okay to let people see that!

The process of filming made me less afraid to share the negative parts of my life as well as the positive. Life isn’t perfect and it’s okay to let people see that!

What’s next?

That is a great question! I am currently working with Chris Jones on a sizeable project that I can’t talk about yet- but PR Couture will be the first site I fill in when I can!

I am continuing to work with Global Lyme Alliance to raise awareness and funds for Lyme disease research and just started hosting a podcast for them with my best friend Sarah Aiken (pictured left) called “In The Lymelight.” We are talking with everyone from doctors to celebrities and hope to bring a little bit of comedic relief to an otherwise somber topic.

You can keep up to date with all of the things I am working on, here!


For more information on the “PRGirl” series, visit www.prgirlseries.com. To become a sponsor, advertiser or partner, email sponsors@prgirlseries.com

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