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“We want people to know where their clothing comes from, who these designers are, and to engage in a more holistic shopping experience that is personal to their style.” – Jason Greene, Co-Founder, FadMashion

In May 2008, FadMashion launched to help independent fashion designers connect easily to prospective retailers and media. Now, they aim to extend awareness of independent designers to the general consumer through, and here’s the twist, hour-long flash sales on the new FadMashion site (the designer-retailer-media portal now resides at FadMashion.net). 60 minutes and it’s gone, kittens. The site opened up to friends and family late last week, and PR Couture readers have a unique opportunity to be among the first to get access before the official public launch – so sign-up now, tell your friends, beat the line and be the first inside!

Begone, GILT Guilt!

The inspiration for the new site came, as Jason Greene explains, from feedback from friends about “image-flood and option-overload on so many of the larger shopping sites. There’s just too much. There is an undercurrent of backlash against overstock from last season, buying the same thing that everyone else has. We’re about now, and new, because you can still have great deals in the present; no need to revert. We came up with the idea of 1 hour sales to keep the shopper experience constantly fresh, and to make it easy for the shopper to focus on one amazing deal, and one amazing designer.” In doing their homework, the founders also found a Biz Report article that basically sealed the deal and provided enough data to support evolving FadMashion from a network to ecommerce.

While the site is in its infancy, the plan is to evolve and expand over the next several months, beginning with limited sales of NY- based designers during which a new designer’s best selling item will be featured. Designs will be available at 60% and indie fashion favorites like Daniella Kallmeyer have signed on and several others are in talks to explore this new independent version of flash sales.

The PR Plan

FadMashion is looking for collaborative partnership opportunities and to develop long-term business relationships. To that end, founders are currently speaking with several online magazine publishers and blogs, as well as collecting bids for social strategy.

To drive word of mouth, FadMashion is launching a referral-based reward program called FadMashion Social Shopping Rewards. “When you sign up for FadMashion you are given a unique URL. When you share this link on Facebook, Twitter etc you can earn rewards. We are not the first people to think of this and we will not be the last, but we are the first to apply this to such a high value and high concept world as independent fashion.” While the details are vague, the passion for this program is clear: “We want to make this work in ways that fashion enthusiasts simply haven’t seen before, and we plan to offer much more than typical online rewards – that’s our personal stamp on our rewards; this will extend to life outside and incredible access to the world of independent fashion.”

Benefit to Designers

FadMashion is proud of the simple, clean environment it has created for consumers to view and purchase independent fashion.  “Consumers are often overwhelmed by shopping sites, and particularly when a shopper is exploring new brands or independent brands, there really needs to be an element of curation.” In a benefit to boot-strapped designers, the FadMashion crew is working with a “tremendously talented stylist to help focus our aesthetic and give designers who do sign up with us the best possible chance to get noticed.”  Participating designers also benefit from FadMashion’s dedication to  increasing sales and media attention for high quality independent designers

PRCouture.com readers can use the following link to sign-up for priority access on the upcoming new FadMashion.com. Http://www.fadmashion.com/invite/prcouture

Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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