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As anyone who has managed a multi-influencer campaign can attest, the biggest challenges are often identifying the right partners (pulling influencer names with current stats is often a manual process, or a hodgepodge of different digital tools only that do part of the job), evaluating if the outreach achieved its intended outcome and reporting those results back to decision-makers in a way that is clear and quantifiable.

Accordingly, the industry has seen it’s share of influencer management companies who seek to partner with brands to take the headache out of the process by offering a pre-established network of bloggers as well as reporting tools. For many smaller brands and boutique agencies however, budget rarely offers the ability to outsource these pain points, as many of the leading solutions are aimed at brands with large marketing budgets.

New to the scene with it’s own unique offering and a budget range of $5-25k+ is a partnership between Blog Meets Brand and BloggerBabes. Blogger Babes, which has more than 20,000 lifestyle – fashion, beauty, food, travel, DIY, crafts, home decor, and parenting bloggers, social media influencers, brand ambassadors, and teens has licensed Blog Meets Brand’s Platform-as-a-Service technology, allowing for the creation, management, and measurement of influencer marketing campaigns. Brands or agencies interested in choosing Blogger Babes will find a strong international partner, as more than 4,000 of Blogger Babes’ members come from the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Germany, Canada, and Australia. Additionally, brands seeking to target the teen market will appreciate the built in security measures and disclosures for Blogger Babes’ members ages 13 to 18 year old.

Campaign management include real-time monitoring, allowing for important insights and opportunities to be identified for mid-campaign adjustment. As Blogger Babes Co-founder Ponn Sabra explains “brands can easily adjust metrics during the campaign. If for example, we see more activity on Pinterest instead of Facebook, we can change campaign requirements of influencers to re-pin or Pin again, instead of making more Facebook posts.” The final report calculates an “earned media” number which indicates the reach of sponsored posts and social media activity. Ponn continues, “we believe this is a game-changer, as we are able to quantify how successful an influencer marketing campaign is in building brand awareness and driving sales.”

Early partnership results are promising. 100% of clients (including Travel ChannelTODAY Food Club, and COSIGN) chose to re-hire Blogger Babes for two or more campaigns.

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Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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