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As a girl of a certain age, it is not rare to pass along BHLDN to any number of brides-to-be, bridesmaids-to-be,  sartorially-challenged wedding goers or simply more-dressed-up-than-usual party attendees. As Anthropologie’s wedding and special events line, BHLDN is everything you would expect: a hint of vintage, a hint of glamour, and not a yard of pink taffeta in sight.

I have noticed BHLDN pins their seasonal photography and then changes the link to drive click-through traffic to a particular product featured in the shot. The brand is currently promoting a holiday contest on Pinterest for the chance to win a $1,000 gift card (ends Nov. 1), and I took the news as opportunity to learn more about how BHLDN is using Pinterest, their nearly 24k followers and where the platform fits in with their overall marketing mix. Callie Canfield, BHLDN’s PR & Communications Manager, was nice enough take me behind-the-scenes:

When did BHLDN join Pinterest ?

We joined Pinterest in March 2011, about a month after our brand launched.  We knew from the start that we wanted a presence on Pinterest—we all used it so much personally that we knew our customer and potential customer was using it, too.

Why is Pinterest a great fit for the BHLDN brand?

It’s a natural fit since Pinterest is one of the top wedding resources for brides-to-be.  We love that we can share a bit of our inspiration through our boards.  We don’t just pin product, but images of flowers, desserts, décor and everything else that inspires us creatively.

BHLDN Pinterest Holiday Contest

How do you evaluate success on Pinterest?

Through the incredible feedback and following of other Pinterest users.  We can see by the number of re-pins and comments that our bride values us as a trusted resource when she’s planning her wedding, which is what we were after.  Of course, if we can drive sales through Pinterest, that’s an added bonus!

Where does Pinterest fit in your internal communication strategy. What department manages it?

Pinterest is a part of our overall social media and communications strategy.  We’re careful to pin content that feels true to the brand, our larger creative vision, and to our customer.  As far as actual pinning goes, it’s a group effort!  Our stylist, merchandising, PR, and design teams all contribute to the pins you see on our boards.

What have learned from your time on Pinterest?

  • Pinterest is a place for creativity.  There isn’t always a link between top pinned and top sellers—and that’s ok!
  • People want fresh content, and often.
  • The customer will tell you what she wants.  We learn a ton from watching comments and activity on Pinterest–it’s a great place to get to know who your customer is.

Explain a bit about your current Pinterest contest:

The ‘Pin-A-Fete’ contest is our way of getting excited for holiday!  We’ve created a board dedicated to holiday dressing, decorating, and entertaining—you pin 10 images from our board onto yours, creating your dream holiday fete, for a chance to win a $1000 BHLDN gift card.

What features do you hope to see added to Pinterest?

We’d love to see private boards added.  It would be huge for brides planning their weddings.

Are there any additional social platforms/trends on your radar?

We love Instagram, of course, as a quick, easy way to show our followers what we’re up to as we travel, preview new product, and visit our stores.  We’re also intrigued by PTCH, a new video sharing app.  It’s addictive!


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