3 Reasons That Media Pitch Isn’t Getting You Anywhere


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Capturing the attention of the fashion media isn’t easy but with the right pitch, it can be a whole lot easier. Set yourself up for success by running each pitch against these three common mistakes.

1. Your pitch isn’t specific enough

Your job might, at first glance, to get the latest lookbook in the hands of as many fashion editors as possible. But, if your pitch is basically “here’s the lookbook let me know if you want any images or samples,” you are missing out on a huge opportunity to help that fashion editor understand how the latest collection (and by extension, working with you) is a fit for her pages. Instead, begin your pitch by sharing a few, well-researched story ideas specific to the publication, highlight a few pieces (by embedding the images into your email) that you think are most likely going to whet the editor appetite, and then close with a link to the rest of the lookbook.

2. Your pitch is too long

Nobody has time to read three long-winded paragraphs about a designer’s entire biography, history or hyperbolic inspiration for the current collection. Just looking at an email filled with long paragraphs, unnecessary italics and too many links is enough to send it straight to the virtual trash – no matter how incredible the actual content. Keep communication brief and to the point. Use bullet points and headers so that an editor can quickly scan for the pertinent information. Don’t include more than 2 images. If she wants more information, she’ll ask for it.

3. Your pitch is out-of-touch

Bloggers don’t want hi-res images or to comb through press releases or PDFs. Print editors aren’t interested in your social media contest (nor are bloggers, incidentally). If you are sending out a blogger pitch for a diaper bag, make sure your contact either covers accessories for mom, or in fact, is in a stage of life where she needs an actual diaper bag. If you are pitching a new handbag line to a print editor, make sure that the previous month’s issue didn’t feature 300 must-have handbags. An awareness of your audience and supreme sense of timing will go a long way toward turning that pitch into coverage.

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Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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