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July marks the first entire month I will have spent at home in ages. I’m trying to make the most of this San Diego summer before heading to Mexico City (more on that soon!) and Italy (eeep!) in August. So, I’m working hard in the mornings and late evenings, when my brain is the most fresh and focused, with afternoons spent out of doors! Do you have a time of day when you’re most productive?

And now, onto the July Goodies:

1. No more sneakily fishing your phone out of your purse during a conversation, you know, just to check. 18k gold ring with semi-precious stones, this wearable tech ring vibrates to let you know when that text or email you’ve been waiting for comes through. Want want want! Order soon before they sell out on your favorite color & raise prices. Moonstone Ringly, $145

2. In love with one-piece swimsuits this summer, and this floral suit has a cut out in the one spot I’m ok showing a bit of skin. By 6 Shore Road, available at Swim Swim, $138

3. Hand-dyed and hilarious, each one comes out a bit differently. This sweatshirt is calling to me. Loudly. Ugh. By Chain Candy, $49.95

4. Of course the perfect summer sandal comes from Bali. Choose from 9 differently colored leathers that will get better season after season. I’m partial to the dark tan, pictured. ELF, $110

5. Tortoise-shell jewelry looks great with a tan, no? Sterling Forever, $24

6. There’s nothing good about weating off your makeup. This silicone-free spray makeup primer helps me save face! Skindanavia, $35

7. I love heading out onto my front porch with a class of something bubbly to watch the sunset. But mosquitos are the worst. I’ll keep the bugs away in style with this Citronella candle in the fresh, Garden Sage sent! Also makes a great party gift! Leif, $22

8. Summer is nothing without a library of great reads! Next up I’m diving into this “dating rulebook for fashion lovers,” by Fashion Writer Stephanie Simons, illustrated by Malia Carter. Kindle, $9.99

What about you kitten? What’s on your wish list this month?

Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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