Fashion PR Guy 2012 Holiday Survival Guide


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Fashion PR Guy Holiday Survival Guide

Fashion PR Guy 2012 Holiday Survival Guide

So much to do this time of year, all that hustle and bustle obviously requires some additional arsenal.  Colorful socks and beach bracelets add a punch of fun no matter what dreary weather or interminable meetings you may be enduring. Pick up Wool, a completely intoxicating series of short dystopian novels that will have you appreciate being “outside” (it’ll make sense when you read it) and completely transported during long flights or subway rides. Self-gifting is the new black of course, so pick up a rad new laptop bag, take notes like the digital PR savant you are (and be able to say yes, I purchase from Sky Mall!!!) with a digital notepad and snag a pair of oh so suave touchscreen gloves to stay up to date with email and Facebook stalking while out and about. When it comes to personal indulgences, please pick up this completely extravagant beard oil (you all have such lovely ones – in my head at least), and pick up my favorite just manly enough Archipelago candle to calm you down after a job well done. Good on you, sir.

1. Hand Knit Wool Short Socks, LizSocks, $40
2. Woven Beach Bracelets, Burkman Brothers, $30
3. Wool Books 1-5, Hugh Howey $5.99 Kindle Edition
4. George Gina & Lucy Laptop Bag, BagHaus, $139.99
5. Archipelago Bergamot Tobacco Candle, Amazon, $19.50
6. Tobacco Beard Oil, GentSupplyCo, $65.50
7. Touchscreen Gloves, Mujjo, €24.95
8. Digital Notepad & Pen, Sky Mall, $149.99

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Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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