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While a huge opportunity for brands to connect and make an impact, without a strong strategy and plan in place, fashion week is not an easy place to stand out from the competition and draw media attention. On September 12, Juicy Couture’s aimed their public presentation at Lincoln Center at a singular audience – those of us who prefer to get our news and information in 140 characters.

To whit, the event featured a 140 second mini fashion film, directed by Zoe Cassavetes and featuring model Candice Swanepoel flirtatiously showing off multiple spring looks. Blogger @AimeeSong of Song of Style hosted the takeover and quickly captured the event via Instagram and Twitter.

To get a better understanding of how the event came to be, we caught up with Juicy Couture for the skinny:

Beyond just the film, the event included live tweeting and instagram coverage – why should brands leverage multiple forms of media?

It’s becoming a lot harder to distinguish your brand during NYFW in today’s world. Leveraging multiple forms of media and tapping online influencers for their social channels is key to breaking through the NYFW noise. When done right, a fashion brand can successfully use social media to provide fans and consumers with rich and engaging content that enhances the online experience and increases the reach.

What does Juicy look for in a brand ambassador/blogger? Why was Aimee Song the right fit for this event?

First and foremost, Juicy looks for partners that are true fans of the brand and the relationship grows from there. It is important for all of our collaborations to feel organic. We look at the kind of content publishers create, their point of view, and how they engage their audience.

Juicy is a really big fan of Song of Style and thinks that Aimee is the epitome of the cool, LA Juicy Couture girl. Her laid-back California style is effortless, chic and sexy, just like the luscious jewel encrusted leather handbags, soft silk dresses and sharp printed blazers from Juicy’s Spring collection. Partnering with Aimee to debut the video experience at Lincoln Center was an easy decision; her blog has high quality content and with over 300,000 Instagram followers and 18,000-plus fans on Twitter, Aimee evokes the spirit of the line and the brand.

What are some of the PR challenges facing fashion brands face during NYFW?

The biggest PR challenge, especially online, is breaking through all of the noise during NYFW. This is where forward-thinking and innovation truly come to life and it’s imperative for brands to create memorable expereinces with brand advocates in new ways. Social media always evolves and while it is important to experiment with new platforms and technologies, the key is to approach it all with a strong strategy.

As NYFW evolves to be a more consumer friendly event, can we expect to see more of these type of short presentations during FW?

Brands will always find ways to have a dialog with their fans and followers and Juicy Couture will always be thinking about the surprise and delight factor to constantly excite its consumers. The methods will vary based on what is happening in the zeitgeist, what people respond to and what’s possible.

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Crosby Noricks

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