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With over 46,000 Instagram followers, Milysan Troche of is known as one of Instagram’s most popular fashion-forward ladies to follow. But before Milysan created MyHauteCloset, she was a fashion blogger who gained a following on Instagram by posting images of her fashion-forward outfits.

Eventually, Milysan started posting gently used luxury merchandise for sale on her Instagram and it wasn’t long before her following grew to over 46,000. Once the demand grew too large to manage on the photo sharing app, she started to make buying and selling gently used luxury items accessible, fun, and easy.

Now, almost 100% of her consignors and customers are from Instagram, with multiple items selling the same day they are posted. So, what does it take for a fashion business to find success via Instagram?

4 Tips for Fashion Business Success Using Instagram

Post compelling imagery and corresponding hash tags.

Not only should your images be visually appealing and provide a clear insight to your perspective but hash tags will help others find you. Some popular hash tags will help expose your photos to millions of followers such as #picoftheday #photooftheday #instamood #instagroove #weheartit and many more.

Use apps to improve your photos.

There’s labelbox for labels, Camera+ to sharpen images or for filters not available on Instagram, and there’s diptic which allows you to add more than one image in a photo. Keeping it fresh and changing up layouts inspires others and keeps them interested in your unique POV.

Like and comment on other user’s photos.

Like attracts like. If you start engaging with people you share a common interest with they will start to follow back. They will also start to comment and like your photos which their followers will see. If you have great images, others will soon follow by virtue of seeing their friends like and comment your photos.

Post daily.

Posting an image or two a day will continue to grow your following while keeping your current follower’s interest. Try not to post more than twice a day, as over posting can cause you to lose followers and receive fewer likes per photo.

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