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“They say the road to bliss is paved with good ornamentations. Wait till you see Gail Schneider’s saucy tops.” – Daily Candy

A few weeks back I got a lovely email from a fashion designer based in Boston, Gail Schneider, who wanted to tell PR Couture readers about her new e-store, Gail Scheider Designs, and give us 20% off until October 15! I said sure, in exchange for some insider information about her success! Gail’s tops have been worn by Britney Spears and Demi Moore, and she has enjoyed press in places like Daily Candy and Lucky.

Previously only available only through high-end boutiques, Gail Schneider Designs’ limited-edition tops can now be purchased online. To qualify for 20% off – email Gail directly and mention that you are a PR Couture reader.

Gail was kind enough to send me a few samples of her tanks. Her fall collection is a great way to enjoy the colors and textures of fall, while staying cool and comfy in a longer, tunic-length ribbed tank – a must for the September heatwave! Her tanks are a great basic with that added extra detail that turns a boring jeans and tank outfit into a defined effort with more of a fashionable edge. I think I will pair mine with pencil skirts and patent corset style belts for work, and wide legged jeans for day.

What is the inspiration for your tanks and tees?

I design based on what I would wear, personally, my moods and what excites me. When I get my hands on a fabric I immediately envision the style and the way it would look as a shirt.

PR: Who is your target customer?

My designs appeal to women of all generations. Women today are ageless and there is such a huge variety of designs they can choose from. Women control age – age does not control them! A twenty-year old can wear my top with a sexy miniskirt, where a more mature woman can match it with a pencil skirt, Capri’s, jeans, or under a corporate suite for work. It’s about wearing and feeling clothes that make you feel the best about you.

What has been the biggest challenge in marketing to women in the US after launching initially in Israel?

When I moved to Boston 2 1/2 years ago from Israel, I found myself facing several new challenges, including the 4 seasons! In Israel there are mainly 2 seasons – winter and summer. Since summer is much longer there than in the US, tank tops are always in demand and crucial part of every women’s closet. I had to learn about the local market, and have been convinced that tank tops can be sold all year round after all.

How has your experience with the media differed with regard to the US and Israel?

Israel is a small country so exposure has more reach. Any interview that I did in Israel had an immediate effect and reached my target audience including ’word of mouth’. Because of the difference in population as well as publications, developing recognition in the US is more challenging.

You occasionally participate in gifting suites. Has this been a lucrative investment for you?

Having my tops included in the Emmy Awards goodie bags was so exciting! The responses were very positive. Due to the nature of this event, it’s not profitable, but it is an excellent marketing tool.

What has been your PR Strategy? Do you target print, TV, blogs or a mixture of both? Does your outreach and/or communication efforts differ based on who you are contacting?

I do my own PR. When reaching out, I research my contacts and their client demographic to ensure that information of my brand would reach the right target. I have also been lucky to get great clients that have my line to their friends attention, who then told their fiends… PR strategies and goals are always changing which makes this interesting.

How have you managed to land such top-tier print press like Lucky, Cosmo and Daily Candy? gail21.jpg

A client of mine who is a journalist wrote about my line, and it created a domino effect where that one magazine interview lead to the next, and to the next. For me, it’s always thrilling to have a write up no matter the size of the publication.

Do you have any tips for emerging designers to get their line noticed by fashion editors? What about retailers?

Listen to yourself, and don’t be afraid of failure – because ‘when there is a will – there is a way!’ Don’t let location; age and other excuses stop you.

PR: What is coming up in the future for Gail Schneider Designs?

I am constantly re-inventing my self and my brand. I just launched my new on line store, which currently features my the fall collection.

“You don’t learn style from watching people on a runway. Fashion happens every morning when you wake up.” – Shalom Harlow

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