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D’Orazio & Associates is looking for an Account Executive with 2 years experience and solid industry and media contacts.  DA specializes in fine jewelry clients regularly featured in the top fashion publications, and worn by many noteworthy celebrities like Minnie Driver, Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Hayden Panettiere, Brooke Shields, Eva Longoria, Naomi Watts, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, and Teri Hatcher. Learn more about the job and apply on the PR Couture Job Board. Posting your job description on the PR Couture Job Board entitles you to a PR Couture post about your company and the position available. A great investment for just $25 for 30 days. If you are interested in posting your Fashion PR job, please do so through jobmatic or contact PR Couture directly at info at prcouture dot com.

da-showroom.jpgPR: What is D’Orazio & Associates all about?
DA: We are a results driven PR firm, with a passion for promoting our clients to the best of our ability.

PR: What makes D’Orazio & Associates unique?
DA: We specialize in providing showroom and product placement services for fine jewelry. The needs of fine jewelry clientele are vastly different to those of companies producing shoes or handbags, and our experience with fine jewelry is certainly unique in the PR field.

PR: What are D’Orazio & Associates areas of expertise?
DA: Of course we have a strong level of expertise in fine jewelry – one staff member is actually a certified gemologist, and all have at least several years of experience with fine jewelry.
PR: Who is on the D’Orazio & Associates client roster?

DA: We currently represent Vivienne Westwood Hardcore Diamonds (UK), Bochic (NY), Hellmuth (Germany), Frey Wille (Austria), Amrapali of Jaipur (India), LeVian (NY).

PR: How does D’Orazio & Associates go above and beyond expectations?
DA: There has been many times where we have opened the showroom over the weekend to help out a celebrity in urgent need of jewelry. On a few occasions we have even flown on a plane to hand deliver important pieces. We’ll do whatever we can to make a good placement for our client happen. We produce results that exceed the expectations placed upon us by our clients, and have done so since the companies founding in 2001.

PR: How does D’Orazio & Associates measure success?
DA: Easy. If you can walk into any newsstand, pick up a magazine and see a placement featuring jewelry from our client, it means we are doing our job.

PR: What are three upcoming trends (can be cultural, industry, media, or fashion related) on your radar?

DA: In terms of the industry, fashion PR is becoming more professional and in turn finding greater respect within the wider publicity industry. We are also seeing companies less inclined to spend money on marketing and promotional initiatives that do not deliver immediate, tangible results. Our position as a bridge between the fashion and entertainment worlds gives us a unique perspective on current and emerging trends. What we are seeing on the red carpet is a shift away from traditional looking jewelry to pieces that are a little unusual, and better reflect the individuality of the woman wearing it.

(image of the D’Orazio & Associates showroom)

Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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