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PR Couture has entered audio-land with a new feature, a fashion PR radio show focused on fashion PR Professionals. For our first segment, we chatted with Jaclyn Johnson, community manager for about how social media is impacting PR strategy.

Jaclyn has been working in social media marketing for about 5 years. She began at a startup called ATTENTION PR developing WOM campaigns, online communities and brand visibility for big name fashion and beauty clients like Bluefly & M.A.C. Cosmetics. From Attention PR, Jaclyn moved to digital marketing company iCrossing where she consulted on Social Media for clients such as CVS and AllSteel ( an industrial design company).

In addition, Jaclyn also maintains a personal fashion blog Some Notes on Napkins which has garnered some attention from press like  Over time, Jaclyn developed close ties to the online fashion communities and bloggers, making her an excellent choice when Pronto, an online shopping community, went looking for a community manager.

John Foley, Pronto’s CEO, wants to make Pronto the best online shopping tool on the web and asked Jaclyn point blank: “What is your ideal shopping tool?” and they collaborated together to do just that.

Once the framework had been built, Jaclyn created communities on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, even Polyvore to start creating a brand identity for Pronto. A few weeks ago Pronto launched their blog SHOP THERAPY and received over a 1000 unique visitors in the first week – a testament to Jaclyn’s community building prowess!

Enjoy the interview!

PS. If you are interested in being a guest on the fashion PR podcast – send an email to info[at] or send a tweet to @pr_couture
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Crosby Noricks

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