Fashion PR Spotlight: Stacy Broff of Diamond Girl Public Relations


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(This is a repost of an original post that appeared on LA’s The Place – an online magazine for people who love living in Los Angeles featuring fun, sun, show business, culture, food, fashion, beauty and more.)

Stars Behind the Stars: Spotlight on Stacy Broff

sb.jpgStacy Broff, president of Diamond Girl Public Relations, wouldn’t necessarily classify herself as a star, however she would say she’s the captain of the cheerleading squad behind each client. Since venturing out on her own two and half years ago, she realized it was one of the best things she’s done for herself, not to mention extremely exciting. It seems to be a trend amongst her peers as well as close friends in this business, seizing the opportunity to become their own boss and ultimately earn a better living.

Diamond Girl Public Relations (derived from Stacy’s family being in the diamond business) represents a variety of luxury lifestyle accounts ranging from beauty, fashion, fine jewelry and accessories to health and fitness.

Stacy has recently stepped out the box to broaden its categories, as DGPR has been working with one of LA’s top real estate firms in regards to “green building”, as well as promoting the firm for simply being the best in the business and the perfect “go to” experts. Stacy feels like she’s learning so much about something new and exciting all the time.

After 5 or 6 years at boutique PR firms, and way too many people asking her if she was the President or owned the company she was working for, she knew it was time to move on. “Corporate PR is a great business because it allows you to pick your niche and the things that interest you and then promote them to the rest of the world”, says Stacy. “Although everyday presents new challenges it’s rewarding to see my clients name or product in the media.”

She feels it’s very important as a boutique business owner to be hands on with the clients. Says Stacy, “They deserve your undivided Stacy Broff, Diamond Girl Public Relationsattention, whether it’s a business call or a “checking in” call. Corporate PR definitely requires less babysitting. As a woman entrepreneur, I definitely faces a few more obstacles than larger firms but again, it’s a learning experience and it only makes me stronger and my business more successful.” She truly enjoys what she does and therefore she believes it makes her good at what she does.

Living in LA can make or break some people. “I’m happy to say I’ve found my place and have settled comfortably.”

Does she find herself a bit obsessed with the latest “quick fix” beauty products and staying in shape? “You bet, but who isn’t in this town?” For more information on Stacy, visit