3 Ways Brands Can Make the Most of Celebrity Style During Award Show Season


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Any recent Hollywood event can be the catalyst for a PR frenzy– if a celebrity is wearing it, rest assured that anything framed as similar has clear pitch potential, and, if positioned correctly, will sell remarkably well. Now that award season is upon us, take heed of the following tips to be sure you are pitching appropriately.

Don’t waste an editor’s time (by sending something that looks nothing like the celebrity look)

There’s an art to pitching celebrity-inspired looks – you don’t want to be grasping at straws (i.e. choosing any remotely similar necklace, dress, or clutch) and filling up an editor’s inbox with long-shots. Pitch pieces that do in fact look strikingly similar or at least share a common motif. Also, make sure that you only connect pieces to those  “buzz-worthy” celebs that align with your brand.

Do make it easy for an editor to say yes (by doing your homework)

Fashion editors sift through hundreds of pieces of jewelry a week, on top of an inbox full of product images. Reduce their stress and grab their attention by sending emails that clearly show the similarity of a celebrity’s look to the designer’s pieces. Provide detailed product description, pricing and direct links to the items. Have hi-res, low-res, editorial and products shot against a white background at the ready. Never send enormous files via email without an editor’s ok.

Do consider pricing carefully (everyone loves a red carpet “look for less”)

While it may sound obvious, make sure your designer prices items significantly lower than the celebrity worn original. Otherwise, why would an editor consider your product over the exact celeb-endorsed product? If need be, consider a short-term price reduction in order to make full use of the award season trend – after all, the right PR story could drive significant sales to cover the margin.

Our client Roberta Chiarella matched Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, Julie Bowen, Stacy Keibler and Charlize Theron with a spectacularly similar jewelry look. This led to a collaboration with US Weekly on a Today Show segment, print feature and giveaway. Now that’s some PR-worthy bling!

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By Liz Anthony, President, Mariposa Communications