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Jon and Sonya by Sophie
Jon and Sonya by Sophie

Obtaining press coverage can be a daunting task for the fashion-focused designer who is busy selecting fabric, drawing up sketches and fitting models all season. You work hard on your line and then hope for media professionals to take notice of all of your hard work. The challenging part is that you are one of many designers reaching out to this reporter, each of you touting your ‘latest collection’ and ‘this season’s best…..’

When it comes to reaching out to media professionals, you may want to reflect inward for potential pitches. No one will care that you own a cocker spaniel, and it certainly won’t make its way into a reputable media outlet or blog. However, they may take notice if your show is going to benefit the local Humane Society and there are 200 puppies looking for homes. And, a little digging into your media contact’s internet communication, and you just may find she is a staunch supporter of animal rights, OR blogs about Louie, her beloved spaniel. You never know what might spark an opportunity.

How do you get personal for creative fashion PR pitch ideas? Here are three jumping off points to get you started.

Start with Inspiration

Who inspires you? What inspires you? Did seeing the local mayor dressed impeccably influence your passion for design? What was it like when you met her? Now take the information you’ve obtained and segue that into your story pitch. Example: Governor *** is the inspiration behind local designers new collection…

Share the Story

Your pitch should invoke curiosity. Make the reporter want to learn more about you and your collection because…you have a story to tell. One of our clients is launching a Patriotic line for the upcoming related holidays i.e. Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veterans’ Day. Instead of only talking about the great new designs in symbolic red, white and blue, her press release also touches on her father being a Retired Air Force Vietnam Veteran and her inspiration for the collection. Included in the release are quotes from her and her father. This shows reporters that they can interview more than one person to help them create their story, plus reach a different audience who may not know about our clients’ brand.

Get a little uncomfortable

Make something happen by doing something different! If you’re a couture dress designer, you may not want to design swimwear…but then again, maybe you’re willing to try it out. Consider something beyond the ordinary and make time to break from your standard design routine. Perhaps you will show pics of different ways to rock your collection, use models from a local womens’ organization or non-profit and share ways to find affordable outfit alternatives, host a sample sale or form a designer co-op and create a small collection together. Just do something different so that you are able to generate ‘new’ news.

One extra media relations tip: You’ve heard it from Golden Rule teachings, the B-I-B-L-E, and your mother. Whatever you do – do NOT lie. Fabricating a story is never the way to gain press, not good press anyway. If you need assistance thinking up a story angle, jot down a list of your likes/dislikes or call on friends to help you see the things about “you” and your brand that you may be overlooking.

Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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