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 Andromeda MendozaThe following is a Part I of a two part guest post series about the use of samples in fashion PR by Shannon Estrada of Pitch! Press. Send all guest post inquiries to info[at]

For years, fashion publicists have been a revolving door of sample requests.

Pitch ‘em, log ‘em out, send ‘em out, log ‘em in and start again.

But the tides are shifting, and many editors now expect and want a digital sample, that is fashion photography and product shots, before requesting physical samples.

While fashion PR practitioners have been stressing the importance of hi-res, high quality photos to their clients for years now, many clients did not see the value to qualify the expense. Thankfully, as digital samples are requested more often, designers have come to understand their importance.

In addition to run-throughs for a print shoot, high quality images are essential when working with the fast-paced blog medium, creating & pitching one sheets, and developing a strong web presence.

Tips for great fashion photography

Invest in a photographer.They not only have the proper set up (light boxes, plexi and seamless backdrops), but the ability to clean up your image (remove shadows, enhance/tweak color) and create it in low and hi-res formats for email and printing purposes.

Less is more: A clean, simple image goes farther and has more uses than a branded, watermarked or logo’d image. Straightforward images allow an editor to interpret a silhouette or piece on their own and may offer more editorial opportunities. Over branding shots can pigeonhole and categorize a designer.

Update accordingly: Keep your product shots up-to-date! Not only does your publicist need product shots on a consistent basis, so do your buyers and customers visiting your website.

Taking the time to invest in product shot photography from the get-go, will save you time and money on the backside. As soon as you identify what you do best and what should be left to others, you are in business.

About Shannon

Shannon Estrada has been a publicist for too many years to count. She is a lover of all things fashion and a partner/co-owner of Pitch! Press. To get more information on Shannon, check out pitchpress

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