Fashion PR Tips: Grabbing the attention of the fashion media


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In case you missed it, PR Couture is hosts a regular monthly column over at Cause a Scene Magazine. This month we wrote a sweet piece about how to integrate social shopping sites into your PR strategy. Sound yummy? Head on over and plunk down a pound for VIP access.

To entice you further, here is last month’s article, originally published at Cause a Scene:

Fashion PR Tips: Grabbing the attention of the fashion media

The adage about first impressions is perhaps most true when dealing with the fashion media since most often, Fashion editors and bloggers will be Heidi Klumming your line, that is, deciding if you are in or out, based on the initial press materials that you send them. With one-dimensional materials promoting garments and passions with decidedly more dimensions, your press materials, mainly the background information you send about your collection and the photography, had better be good.  Here, some tips on cutting through the clutter

  • Press release folder blah blah. Think about your packaging – everything from the envelope your materials arrive in, to the size and shape of your press release should evoke the feeling of your brand. Little handmade touches, ribbon, a handwritten card, go a long way, creating a flip book of images can really make a difference in getting an editor’s attention.
  • If you are sending an email, include a link to your press kit as a downloadable PDF, as well as links to individual hi-res photos. There is nothing more irritating for an editor, bloggers included, than unnecessary follow-up and tracking down images. Make it as easy as possible for the media to write about you by giving them everything they need ahead of time.
  • Don’t skimp of your photography. If you have any questions about how to do fashion photography correctly, look at fashion photography blogs. Or, check out the Smashing Darling blog, where indie designers put their photography and online stores up on the chopping block for review.
  • Above all, make consistency and accuracy your motto. Colors, fonts, wording, contact information should match and be correct. If you aren’t the most detail oriented person, ask a friend who is to over everything with you to make sure than your email address, among other things, is correct.
Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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