Fashion PR’s Twitter: PR Couture Mentioned in the Chicago Tribune


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twitter.jpgWell, it’s more about me and my silly musings about Twitter, but PR Couture gets a mention in the Chicago Tribune!Reporter Erik Gwin writes,

Social sharing

Crosby Noricks, author of the fashion PR blog, says she and her Twitter friends “share laughs, sympathy, even job leads.” Social media services such as Twitter have staying power, she says, because they are more than just chroniclers of users’ ephemeral thought balloons: “I think the real key is participatory, two-way communication and dialogue keeping people who spend a lot of time isolated feeling a part of the world.

By isolated I mean people like me who spend most of their days working from home or by themselves in a coffee shop, and don’t spend a lot of time during the workday, like interacting with non-virtual humans.

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