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The community provides the shopping tips and co-creates its own fashion shopping discovery guide.

Perhaps the woman on sitting on the subway next to you is wearing an amazing pair of Ikat flats, but is too wrapped up in her phone conversation to tell you where she got them (or you’re too intimidated to ask!). Or, the soft tan purse carried by the young ingenue at the film festival you are attending is the perfect size and shape and you must must must have it! Well, snap a sneaky shot and post your killer find to Where to Get It. With a quick photo upload, tweet and hashtag #W2G, your latest cravings are viewed by other sartorially minded Twitter users, and collaboratively, wide legged pants, pony scarves, chandelier earrings and wrap dresses are being found, purchased and worn.

For independent designers and Fashion PR’s, W2G provides not only a personal shopping resource but a chance to examine trends, demand and where appropriate, suggest looks and products that fit the query.

W2G launched in Europe in May 2011 and as of June 30, had 10k registered members and an 87% answer rate.

The W2G site was created by three partners in Paris with a strong Internet startup track-record: Gilles Babinet, @babgi, is a serial entrepreneur and President of Franceʼs National Digital Council (Conseil National du Numérique), Nicolas Metzke, @nicolasmetzke, previously co-founder of Ciao.com, Europeʼs first consumer review site and leading comparison shopping portal, and Romain Moyne, @romainmoyne, a 24 years old self-starter passionate about style, music and technology.  W2G monetization is based on sales (affiliate programs) and partnerships with media and entertainment companies. Current affiliate vendors include Topshop, My Theresa and Luisa Via Roma, with fashion magazines and television partnerships in the works.

W2G Fashion Editor

Where to Get It has also enlisted experienced French fashion blogger Slanelle @slanelle, who joined the project from the beginning to ensure deep insights into the world of fashion and a perfect understanding of street style and trends. Most recently, digital marketing and fashion specialist (Harrod’s, FabSugar) Shirley Pellicer joined the team to oversee US operations.

US Launch Plan

The process of launching in the US has included coverage on sites like Mashable, TechCrunch and Fashionably Marketing, and WTG’s  CEO spoke at the last #140 Fashion conference in NY. Currently, WTG is focusing on their new Twitter feature (#W2G) and developing its use among the most influential Fashion Twitterers and their followers. A mobile app is planned for September.




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Crosby Noricks

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