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Written by PR Couture contributor Kristin Ann Janishefski

Summer is almost over, and fall fashion checklists must be made. My must-haves generally get designated into three categories. Completely unattainable, marginally attainable (like, if I eat carrots for a month til I turn orange) and modify the budget attainable (like, give up your hair appointment and you just might be able to get it.)

Wait? Give up my hair appointment. Hell no!

Because lets face it, you can have a fierce new outfit, but if the locks are looking more like fried frizz puffs than the shiny mane event, what is the point, really?

I will go to all lengths – from piling it on top of my head to braiding to twisting to curling to flat ironing, in order to make sure that my lovely do is looking perfectly did before I go out into the world. You may think of this as high maintenance, but it is what it is ladies, it is what it is.

If you are anything like me and sometimes find yourself watching runway shows and paying more attention to the works of art atop a models head than her designer duds, or are the girl on the street stopping people to to admire their cut/style/color/up-do/creative new twist on the Beckham bob…well I have the contest for you!

Brickfish and TRESemme have partnered up to give you the chance to win your very own Christian Siriano (winner of Project Runway’s season 4) custom designed fashion piece. All you have to do is capture your wildest and fiercest hair style on camera. The grand prize winner will also receive a two-night, all-expenses paid trip for two to the fashion capital of the world – New York City! You and your guest will also meet with the TRESemme Project Runway styling team to get a fierce new hairstyle to match your haute new outfit.

Scissors, check, mousse, check, hair spray, check, backcomb, check, over-use of the term fierce…check. Now ready aim shoot that sexy new style for the love of fashion!
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Crosby Noricks

Crosby Noricks

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