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We know it can be a difficult process when looking to hire public relations, marketing or social media experts for your fashion or lifestyle business. Just like any business relationship, it’s critical to not only find the right experts but to find the right cultural fit. You’re looking for a PR firm that understands your business goals, vision, challenges and competitors. The best PR agency or freelance publicist  has relationships with the most impactful media publications and relevant influencers; and with the specific capabilities to achieve the results you are hoping to gain from your publicity efforts and overall communications and brand strategy program. As one of the leading resources for lifestyle PR professionals, boutique agency owners and brands, we work closely with our directory partners to ensure credibility, expertise and ethical business practices. Take a look through out our list of top public relations agencies and reach out to any who feel like a potential, perfect fit.

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Jennifer Hudson

Think beyond PR

ThinkBeyond dives into your business with the expertise, enthusiasm and passion needed to bring your communications plan to life. We examine your company, competitors and customers to get a clear picture of who you are and how you’re perceived in the marketplace.
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Brittanie Price​


With a national portfolio and award-winning work, BCENE PR offers both subject matter expertise and results-oriented services in several key industries including: Beauty & Personal Care, Health & Wellness, Lifestyle & Retail, Restaurant & Hospitality, Real Estate & Travel
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Lindsey Smolan


VLIV is a NYC- based marketing, communications and PR agency that specializes in heightening awareness for emerging and established for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands via print/digital media placement, celebrity seeding, and influencer outreach.
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