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PR Couture is all about fashion PR (good news for the Olivia Popes of the fashion world, fashion publicists boast a median salary of $60,379, with positions can be found in marketing, communications, or public relations firms), but if you aren’t 100% sure that PR is for you, there are many other options to find a fashion industry position that you’ll love with a paycheck you’ll like. Here are four more fashion jobs that pay more than $50k a year:

Fashion Associate Marketing Manager

A combination of marketing, advertising, and public relations, fashion marketing managers work for clothing companies, boutiques, or outlet chains to increase awareness of certain brands. They also monitor brand initiatives and customer reactions to new products to see what’s working and what’s not. You’ve got to be both business and fashion savvy – being digitally inclined doesn’t hurt either — to excel in this position, where a majority of workers earn at least $64,440.

Sales Brand Representative

Representatives have a customer-driven job as they pitch new products to buyers and work to get clothes into stores. An eye for fashion, solid communication skills, and an ability to work well with a variety of people is essential for sales brand representatives. Like any sales positions, a good chunk of your salary may come from commissions. So if you’re a persuasive go-getter who thinks it’s awesome to get a sneak peek at the newest clothes in the retail industry, consider looking into this job that makes an entry-level average of $59,000 in New York.

Associate Buyer

On the other side, buyers have the important job of selecting which items a store or boutique will include on their racks. Associate buyers have to be up to speed with the latest styles and the hottest brands and designers. Buyers stay one step ahead of the game by using their fashion knowledge to anticipate next season’s trends. Buyers typically work with different designers and sales staffs while attending trade shows, making a solid median salary of about $55,500.

Fashion Editor

Want to be the next Anna Wintour? A girl’s got to start somewhere. If you have a vision for fashion and love writing about it, merge your passions for a career as a fashion editor. Fashion magazine editors bring ideas to life as the inspiration for the themes behind various stories and articles. It’s important you have internship experience for a fashion magazine and be willing to work your way up the ladder with enthusiasm and commitment to earn the $66,400 median salary.

While average salaries may vary by location and company, these fashion jobs are proof that finances and fashion can go hand in hand — with a lot of hard work, of course. Don’t know where to find these positions? We’ve got you covered: jobs in these fields and others can be found and applied for at The Creative Loft, a career-finding service specific to fashion and other creative industries.

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