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Written by Charlotte Couturier, Charlotte Rose PR

It’s no secret that publicists are always looking for ways to connect with journalists.

While social media is a great tool for PR pros to connect with freelance writers, it can still be challenging to tell exactly what writers are currently working on. Of course, checking in with your media contacts via email can be a great way to connect, but in-demand journalists can receive up to 500 pitches per day, and we don’t want to add to that noise.

Luckily for PR professionals, an increasing number of journalists, many of them freelance, have started putting together monthly or weekly newsletters as an easier way to communicate their updates and story/source needs. These newsletters are often packed with helpful insights and tips from these media experts, and they are a great way for you to know exactly what and when to pitch. It’s a PR dream come true! 

Below are four newsletters by lifestyle-focused freelance writers, you should absolutely sign up for: 

1. Reading & Eating: A Newsletter by Kelsey Ogletree

Kelsey is an Alabama-based writer and editor covering travel, wellness, and food. You may remember her from the 2020 PR Couture Power Moves Summit, where she shared her wisdom on the media panel.

A few years ago, Kelsey started a newsletter to share the answer to the question she often received from PR pros: “What are you working on?”.

In answer, Kelsey sends out her bi-monthly email on Thursdays. She recaps what she’s reading, eating, and working on (including exclusive leads on confirmed stories and pitches).

I love receiving Kelsey’s newsletter because it feels like I’m catching up with a friend. She shares life updates, fun stories, and even shares book and food recommendations (in one of her recent newsletters, she shared a chocolate chip cookie recipe that looks divine, yum!) On top of all that, Kelsey shares very valuable insights on the media industry and how freelancers, editors, and PR teams can all work better together.

Sign up here for Reading & Eating – you won’t regret it. 

2. Lindsay’s Weekly Opportunities by Lindsay Tigar 

Lindsay is a seasoned travel and lifestyle journalist, content strategist, and editor with more than a decade of experience.

Lindsay’s newsletter is packed with opportunities for expert commentary, crowdsourcing content, product roundups, and gift guides in a variety of lifestyle verticals.

What I appreciate about Lindsay’s newsletter is that she also provides tips on how to pitch her and general “rules of thumb” when pitching freelancers. For instance, she kindly explains why freelancers can never guarantee coverage. Lindsay also provides links to all her recent pieces which means we don’t need to bog down her inbox asking about article status.

Contact Lindsay to get added to her list

3. KPM’s Postcards by Katherine Parker-Magyar

I’ve been following Katherine Parker-Magyar for some time now. Even when I’m not working with travel clients, I love reading her newsletter and vicariously travel through her stories. Katherine is a freelance writer covering travel, lifestyle, literature, and culture.  Not only does she share beautiful photography of the places she’s been, but she also provides helpful insights on what she’s researching and working on.

Sign up for KPM’s Postcards here

4. The Perfect Spot by Virginia Miller

For those in the food and beverage space, I highly recommend following the work of San-Francisco based writer Virginia Miller.

Virginia has written for more than 60 publications and has travelled extensively. She is also a judge for countless dining, cocktail, spirit, and cooking competitions, and a number of major international and national awards.

Her newsletters are always packed with interesting insights about the industry and what she is currently working on. She shares article and judging links and she also provides updates on which outlets she’s actively contributing to and freelancing for.

Sign up for The Perfect Spot here!

These are just a few journalists I recommend following if you are in the lifestyle space. I’d love to hear your favorite newsletters!

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